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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Time for Some Laughs Again~~ XD

Even though I haven't received any comments on my JIN and KAT-TUN posts this past month... *sob sob sob* I'm still going to post some fun stuff to share with everybody.... I don't know how everybody's been doing lately... Whether there are some depressing or exciting things happening in your life, or if there's really nothing interesting going on... I hope these at least give you a few laughs, neh! They sure did make me laugh out loud when I was watching them during lunch break at work!!! >__________<~

◎ The Clinic Skit - Part 1 ◎

◎ The Clinic Skit - Part 2 ◎

◎ The Family Skit - 帶來幸福的黃色頭盔 ◎

◎ Care (Jin) + Precious One (KT) - (050619 少俱) ◎
Ok, ok~~~ Of course I have to again put in a song by my cute JIN and KAT-TUN!! But this still goes along with today's title... Because these two songs are ballads that have great melody and healing, encouraging lyrics! I was first attracted to KAT-TUN's Rock style songs and dance performances, but after reading these lyrics, they really touched my heart, neh... The melodies are both really beautiful as well!! I hope they touch and encourage you as well! Please check them out! If you are down, listening to these two songs would surely cheer you up, neh... ^______^~ (It's a pity that I couldn't find a clip of this performance with better sound... Please do turn the volume up in order to hear it better, neh.... O_O)

I have shared JIN's "care" before, but because these two songs being performed together is so beautiful, I just hope more of you guys try to listen to them, neh... And below are the Chinese translations of the lyrics for your better understandking, lor! ^^"

【歌詞中文翻譯】 care
詞: 赤西 仁  譯: luvjin  
原文出處:★ 熊姊の赤西仁專屬網誌 ★

在習慣與謊言中 背負著沒用的愛戀
被時間追趕 變得不想再繼續的那天
經過多年 回想起的時候
遺忘的記憶和現在 好像偶然的重疊了
擁有太多重要的東西 使得如今舉步為艱

誰都一樣 我們總有一天
被打倒時 拿出前進的力量

在度過的每一天中 總會失去些什麼
這樣的自己所伸出與你牽著的手 不要放開
比方說 你若受傷
愛著你的人 無論多少次也能把傷痕撫平
疲憊時 依靠著我的那天
無論是怎樣的你 我也會緊緊的擁抱

誰都一樣 我們總有一天
被打倒時 拿出前進的力量

【歌詞中文翻譯】 precious one
作詞:新 美香,白井裕紀  作曲:三上吉直
編曲:ha-j  (官方翻譯 EMI Music)

Time goes by 我們 反覆著多少次的相遇與分離
Here I am 依靠著誰的溫柔 而錯失了些什麼

現在 細數著逝去的季節 獨自一人的夜晚在想些什麼?

Sometime 有時不知為何 壓迫胸口的 loneliness
I don’t want to be all alone 多麼悲傷

One day 總有一天 會找到的 precious one
抬起頭看看天空 妳看 又一顆 shining star

Tell me why 為什麼 我們會如此渴求愛情呢?

Ahh... 星空是誠實的 溫柔地點綴著閃耀的星空

Somewhere 在某處 最重要的 only one
You’re not all alone anymore 妳並非孤獨一人

Someday 有一天會相遇 命運的 someone you’ll love
只要稍微去注意 看吧 那個人就在妳身邊

即使 million years 時光流逝
We never change, No worries, You’ll be alright
Your precious only one 一定會相遇的
One day you’ll find 在這地球上 I believe in love

Sometime 有時不知為何 壓迫胸口的 loneliness
I don’t want to be all alone 多麼悲傷

Somewhere 在某處 最重要的 only one
You’re not all alone anymore 妳並非孤獨一人

Someday 有一天會相遇 命運的 someone you’ll love
只要稍微去注意  看吧 那個人就在妳身邊
You’ll meet your only one

Somewhere 在某處 最重要的 only one
You’re not all alone anymore 妳並非孤獨一人

Sometime 有時不知為何 壓迫胸口的 loneliness
I don’t want to be all alone

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

KAT-TUN Making it Big in TW~

Below is the news release from EMI's homepage. EMI Music is the official importer / representative of KAT-TUN in TW (not sure if it includes other regions), and they have been pretty actively promoting the group. Thumbs up for EMI in doing a good and letting people know about this great group, lor~ ^^

They have not only been promoting the Debut Single "Real Face" on the music channels and with TV commercials, but they have also been playing some really good, classic KAT-TUN songs, such as "Never Again," on the radio (HitoFM Listen Live Online). It's interesting that the Taiwanese people are more interested in the Album while the Japanese people focus most of their attention on singles... To me, albums are a much better deal than singles since you get more songs for only 2-3 times the cost!! Of course, the prerequisite is that most of the songs in the album are good, such as all the songs on "Best of KAT-TUN," lor.... XD

Also check out KAT-TUN's Official Homepage by EMI! Although there are no pictures of the members (the Johnny's agency has this extremely strict policy about 肖像權), but there are some pretty clear introduction and history information of the group! ^_______^

* NOTE: * Original news page is linked at the title of the post.

KAT-TUN 跨海登台岀道大成功,三天破白金 勢如破竹刷新紀錄!


挾 帶著威猛的聲勢,傑尼斯人氣團體KAT-TUN於4月7日正式登台出道,不僅讓台灣各大唱片行破天荒自行舉辦非官方的預購活動,而預計於7日中午12點的 上市時間,因當天交通緣故導致到貨延誤,更是出現許久不見的排隊人潮,眾人只為了在第一時間搶到心愛的KAT-TUN!而同步三連發作品裡的專輯 「Best of KAT-TUN」正式台壓版,更在24小時之內篤定穩坐全台冠軍寶座,三作品三天總銷售便突破白金唱片銷售,橫掃千軍的超強氣勢也令華語歌手咋舌!

以東京巨蛋為出道舞台、締造排行榜三冠王無敵紀錄的KAT-TUN,日前其出道單曲「Real Face」更連續3週蟬聯公信榜第一名寶座,是繼前輩團體KinKi Kids之後,睽違8年8個月以來以出道單曲坐穩3週公信榜冠軍的超級新人!同樣地,KAT-TUN跨海來台出道也同樣創下驚人暢銷紀錄!他們不僅是 2006至今第一位以出道首張專輯便橫掃全台銷售榜的外籍新人(含東西洋、 跨界古典爵士),也同時其DVD作品「Real Face Film」更是打敗哈利波特強勢登上第1名!同時也迅速攻下各大唱片行東洋榜、博客來網路書店東洋音樂榜冠軍寶座,一舉刷新今年台灣地區外籍兵團的全新紀 錄!

同時他們於去年發行的影音產品「海盗旗」,不僅創下G-music風雲榜DVD冠軍銷售成績,並連續蟬聯長達34週從未退出榜外,在這段期間更打敗過蔡依 林、周杰倫、霍爾的移動城堡、濱崎步、V6等巨星,目前更保持兩張作品同時進入影音榜的佳績!最驚人的是,KAT-TUN的這三張作品(單曲/專輯 /DVD)在3天之內(4/7─4/9)總銷售量已旋即突破白金唱片的紀錄,並持續看好上漲中!可說是為台灣唱片市場注入一股活絡景氣的超強心劑!

自從KAT-TUN於3月22日在日本出道以來,業已締造超過100億日圓的經濟效果,CD與DVD的銷售量與演唱會的收入合計就已達到118億日圓,再 加上他們手頭上目前擁有8種產品的廣告代言,對於提昇整體銷售量的貢獻更不在話下!放眼望去,能夠同時活絡日本與台灣音樂市場經濟者,也只有稱霸兩地的超 級新人王「KAT-TUN」才辦得到!


And, of course, because I'm too excited to restrain myself, I'm again going to share some cool clips of their live performances of their original songs!! (Yeah, yeah, I know.... This post is growing longer and longer... It's got a life of its own!! ARGH~~~)

"Best of KAT-TUN Medley" on Music Fighter 060331
A medley (什錦歌) of several classic KT songs! Jin 偷笑ing in the back because he forgot to dance in the beginning! XD

KAT-TUN "Never Again" on Shounen Club 040919
Another performance of this classic song, different from the one in "SUMMARY of Johnny's World" which you saw in my last post. It's so great that there is so much to see in their live performances that each filming of the same song gives you very different views and feelings! This one has much better lighting so you can see their dance moves better. Pay attention to the middle part, after Jin's solo of the chorus and after he sings "No Fake~", there's a ticking sound while they tick off the time with clock movements with their arms! I love that part! XD

Jin + Ueda "BUTTERFLY" on Shounen Club 060416
In this album "Best of KAT-TUN," the six members pair up in two's and have three new songs in pairs. This song written and performed by Jin and Ueda is soooooooooo cool and so additive just by listening to it! This was their first performance of the song on TV, aired only yesterday, and watching it is even better than only listening to it!! 小心被 仁仁 的媚眼電暈哦!! XD

"anego" JIN clips collection with theme song (fanvid)
Yeah... of course, this has nothing to do with KAT-TUN's album or songs.... I just can't help but throw this in for the sake of my love for JIN!! XD HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE~~~~~~~ (*finally finishes the rambling of the day and runs away screaming~*)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cheers for KAT-TUN & Jin! XD

* Note *
I swear, I had originally intended for this to be a very short post, mainly showing the clips, but somehow it just went on and become this extremely long post... I'm sorry... But, seriously, it shouldn't take you that long to read, lah.... >w< If you really don't feel like reading the whole thing now, just go to the clips directly, bah.... |||Orz

I feel bad about pushing the previous post down the page only after one day... But I have been meaning to share more of KAT-TUN and Akanishi Jin's great stage performances since last week... And, recently there are rumors of some hardships for them during their Debut concerts around Japan, and also there was the very worrying rumor of Jin maybe losing his voice because of all the excessive strain and a bad cold. (It makes me want to cry when reading that he kept shouting at the top of his lungs for the crazy fanatics to shut-up even when his throat was already very sore and tired from the cold and all the singing... >Q<~)

I just want to support them by showing people how brilliant a group of performers they are!! Even with all these difficulties and inhumane hectic schedule ahead of them, it still amazes me how good they are on stage. I never get tired of watching these shows and each time I watch them, I am encouraged by the fact that they are a tough and talented group that would continue to grow and evolve and not be so easily beaten down.

Whenever I get the chance lately, I have been listening to their album songs.... and I am proud to say that almost all of their songs are indeed very good and you don't get tired of listening to them. On the other hand, what is even more amazing is that listening to their songs makes you wonder what the live performances of these songs would be like! You just can't help but imagine what their dance moves and team formation would be like... Indeed, they are a great vocal group, but their visual presentation makes them just that much more special!  ^_______^ 

This fact is proven by the recent sales numbers:
The current (up to 06/04/09) top ranking cumulative music DVD sales of all time in Japan:

No. 1, "Real Face Film", 426,905 copies sold -- KAT-TUN's Debut single DVD (includes "making of" the MV and 7 different versions of the MV, one of which I have shared in a previous post.)

No. 2, "海盜帆" KAT-TUN Concert DVD, 332,420 copies sold -- This was their second major concert tour which lasted between end of 2004 to beginning of 2005. It can designated as their signature performance. 

No. 3, SMAP Concert DVD -- not sure of the exact title... but it held the highest cumulative sales (about 330,000 copies) until "Real Face Film" was released... and "Real Face Film" broke its records on the first day of sales... 

"海盜帆" was released on 2005/05/03, and was No. 2 on the overall sales before KAT-TUN's Debut.  But it has remained on the daily and weekly sales chart up to now (recently entered Top 5 again after almost one whole year of its release!), and have just now surpassed the SMAP Concert DVD to become the No. 2 in cumulative sales! XD

It seems that the only thing that will top this record would be KAT-TUN's next Concert DVD!! XD When that happens, it wouldn't surprise me to see all top 3 cumulative sale DVD's being held by KAT-TUN!! >_______<~

 ◎ Some more impressive KAT-TUN statistics ◎
1. They are the only group that has held major concerts tours before having a CD Debut. And, what's more, is that before their CD Debut, they had already held 130+ concerts by themselves (that is, not counting the concerts and musicals where they performed with other Johnny's groups)!!

2. They hold the record of 11 straight live performances in one day! This was in 2002, the 2nd year after they were formed, each show was 45 min. long, with a 15 min. break in between.

3. They are the only group in Japan history to be able to hold a concert at Tokyo Dome before CD Debut -- Their Tokyo Dome Debut special concert was held on this past Mar. 17 in front of 55,000 people.

Even though I am only "crazy" about JIN, I do think the group belongs together and produces a unique sound of their own that others cannot duplicate. I love JIN's solo performances, but the whole group together brings even more out of every one of them by themselves, oh~ 

So, after all those rambling... Please check out the below EXTREMELY COOL performances! XD You can even skip through the rambling above and go directly to the on-line clips! >___<

 ◎  KAT-TUN - "Andalucia ni Akogarete" (SUMMARY of Johnny's World) ◎
This is a Spanish style song, each member has a short solo part. It is really impressive how each of them has their own distinct great style and combine into this wonderful show. The stage is amazing as well! Pay special attention to where they each pass on the rose and the hat to the next member, and the part where they drop their suit jackets on the floor, then drop down on the floor to pick up the jackets with their mouths! The jacket dance is WAY HOT~~ (not to be missed are also JIN's sexy moves... *faints*)

 ◎  KAT-TUN - "Never Again" (SUMMARY of Johnny's World) ◎
This is a KAT-TUN original song. When you listen to the song itself, it's not as memorable as some others, however, after watching the stage performance, the images just keep popping into my head everytime I hear the song, especially the parts when one member is singing a solo line, the others would crouch in the shadows and 震 with the tempo (this is very hard to explain, you have to watch it to understand). Overall, it's a very COOL performance, and I especially like JIN's entry line, "My girls, Mwah~ (fly kiss)" (*runs to catch the flying kiss~*)

 ◎ Akanishi JIN - "Care" (Shounen Club) ◎
This is JIN's solo song, lyrics written by himself. It seems that this was his first performance of this song, it was on this weekly TV show called 少年俱樂部 that the Johnny's boys take turns producing. This time, it was produced by JIN, and in the beginning of this performance, he explains the reason of the theme ("Love and Natural") he chose for that week's show and how this song is also related to the same theme. Something about loving and caring for the people around you. It's a really good song, always puts a smile on my face listening to it! And that VOICE!!!!! (*runs away screaming and cheering~~~*)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

大家好,我是小芮芮,hatime masite!

Originally uploaded by kainnn2004.

夠不夠勁爆呀!? 生平第一次跟大眾打招呼,竟然是以這種姿勢?!

在這裡公佈 筱苓 & 俊凱 即將滿月的 (明天 Apr. 13 滿月,今天應該會收到 彌月蛋糕 + 姑姑親手做的油飯,期待ing! XP~) 小寶寶,終於取好中文名字啦!!

 「大家好! Hatime masite! 我是小芮芮!!」

 「全名 黃芮嫺!!! 我來到這個世界的目的也要在這裡公佈了~~~」

 「準備好了嗎? 沒膽的人可別聽哦!!~~~」

 「小芮芮我來到這個世界的主要目的,就是 --------」

 「要把全世界 (的男人) 都踩在腳下!!! 花哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈~~~」

 「所以,趁現在早點開始習慣我腳底的風光吧!~~~ XD」

(以上,是 娃 對於 黃氏夫婦 拍這張照片的涵義的精闢解說。)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Akanishi Jin - Bakanishi v.s. Sexy Jin

Ok, I'm on a roll here! 
Here's some more clips for you to enjoy! XD

Today's theme is the extremely different faces of Akanishi Jin! He can be so cute + silly sometimes, and so sexy other times (*drool~*) that you wonder which one is the real person.... @.@|||

 ◎ "KAT-TUN - Road to Debut Medley #1 - 02.19.06 Utawara" ◎

This first one is KAT-TUN's special live performance on a TV show which they are regular attendees. They had a series of special live performances in celebration of their CD Debut, and this was the first one that aired on Feb. 19, 2006.

This performance is extremely special to me because it was the one performance that got me hooked! Jin had a solo performance in this show, and I was just completely gone after seeing it... |||Orz Before I saw this, I only thought that he was really cute in ANEGO and a fine actor... Afterwards... *sigh~*

So, anyways, check out this MUST-SEE:

 ◎  "KAT-TUN - Short Skit (Bed time skit)" ◎

This is a short skit they did in a TV show. I don't know what show it was, but judging from their appearance, it's probably around 2004. I've only just saw it yesterday, but today was lucky enough to accidentally found this other version with Chinese subtitles! Even though it's pretty understandable without the subs, but it'll be even funnier being able to understand what they said fully! XD 

You have to watch until the end! The last part is the most hilarious if for nothing else other than Jin's "Baka" expression!! It's sooooooooo classic, and such a great performance!! When I saw it the first time, I thought, "Wow, he acted so well!!" But upon second thought, I realized that was probably more Jin's "nature" than "acting"!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha.... "Baka"nishi! It's just so funny, another MUST SEE! XD Enjoy~ >w<

Monday, April 03, 2006

Aka-chan & Akanishi~ XP

OK, these are completely unrelated topics, lah... But they both start with the same Japanese character "赤" (AKA, 赤ん & 赤西), and are both subjects that interest me greatly! They are the topics of my previous two posts, and here is more on them! (Today's font color is bright red, to match with the word 赤, lor!! XD)

 ◎ Aka-Chan (赤
ん, baby)
I went back to Taichung this weekend, so did my sister, bro-in-law, and nephew. The most important thing was to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday! Even though he was born around January, but my grandparents did not register it until much later... So, very funnily, my dad's official birthday is listed as none other than April 1st - April Fool's Day!!! XD ha ha ha.... Anyways, we had a good dinner treat at a friend's house, and Mom, Julia+Wesley, and I bought an OSIM 音感按摩椅 as Dad's present for this important milestone. We tested the chair out, and it was really good! XP

The other important thing we did was our whole family went and visited Sonia at her 彰化 home -- Of course, to look at the new-born baby, lor! The baby is about 3 weeks old now, but is still tiny... However, you can already tell that she will have the same 深輪廓, curly hair, and 鵝蛋臉 as her mom, oh~ (even though her mom's 鵝蛋臉 is currently in hibernation... ha ha... XD)!! Jason (my nephew) also went in and looked at the baby... he was very curious and concentrated on the baby, neh.... (observing his future bride-to-be? Mwah~) We also looked at some video clips Sonia's hubby shot during the birth, which featured very painful expressions on the mom's face, and a great amount of blood on the baby's body... @.@" The last thing worth mentioning is that it was also Sonia's birthday on March 28th, so other than toys for the baby, I also prepared some nice presents for the mom... I hope she likes them and make good use of them, lor! ^^~

To see more pictures of the baby and the Huang family, check out continued updates on Chungkai's flickr album, neh! ^_______^
 ◎ Akanishi Jin (赤西 仁)
Hmm... not much else to say other than "check out his work!" lor~~~ If you have access to J-Drama, "ANEGO" (TW translated name: "熟女真命苦") is a recent MUST-SEE series, oh~~

It's hard not to fall in love with this guy neh...  |||Orz

Here below, I am sharing a short memorable scene from the drama... It's the scene of Jin waiting for Anego before their date. The emotions of anticipation and nervousness are all shown very clearly and naturally from his acting, neh! Really hope you would check out the show, and also, check out KAT-TUN's, especially Jin's, music, neh.... >3<

After 5 years of this group being formed, they have finally had their CD Debut, which has received 五冠王 (Single, Album, DVD, KTV 點播, 手機答鈴下載量) right in the first week, oh! After listening to it, I find many of their songs very 耐聽, and their style very different from the usual Japanese Pop idol groups, oh... Check out their songs if you have the chance, lah~ (I can also send you a couple of my favorites via MSN or Gmail if you are interested but can't get them yourselves, neh! XD)
 ◎  Anego Eps. 3 - Jin Waiting for Anego ◎ 


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