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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Remembering Virginia Tech 2007.04.16

070416 Terps for VT 03
Originally uploaded by QT Sushi.
I was really shocked to hear about this tragedy...

Somehow I am also kind of shocked and disappointed by the indifference shown by the people around me (new and old colleagues whom I e-mailed the news to). But at the same time, I am touched by all the caring and prayers by the US college community nationwide. 

In the coming days, many details about the incident will be revealed and people will slowly start to heal. However, sadly, for people who are not directly experiencing these tragic events, it is so easy to forget after a while... 

Therefore, I just want to post this image here to remind myself in the future: 
1. How fragile the human life is.
2. How terrible a human mind can become.


  • Hi Sushi,

    It is very shock & sad to see this on TV. Notice that the gunman could be anybody, and this can happen to anyone.

    They still haven't find out the motives of this gunman. I just think that he is very cruel. He probably has planned this a while ago. He even locked the entrance of Norris. Not to say if he really committed to the first shooting, this guy is really well planned. Because the first shooting distract ppl's attention.

    After the gunman's identity has revealed I'm kinda relieved in a sense that he wasn't a Chinese. Aii, this country is raciest afterall. I don't like the way they suspect an Asian to be the gunman, and some media start to interpret it to "Chinese".

    I do hope the families and students who sufferred from this incident can recover through time, and my heart will go out for them.

    So sad....

    By Anonymous YoYo, at Wednesday, April 18, 2007 3:56:00 AM  

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