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Friday, October 13, 2006

Jin's Press Conference about Leaving (061013, 9PM JP time)

News release about the press conference is already out. It is posted and partially translated into Chinese by her friend Aki on Daisukijin @ Wretch's blog.

I will be continously updating this if there are more confirmed information.

Here is my English translation of the parts that have been translated into Chinese (with permission):

Latest Update on News Broadcast:
 - Tonight, NIPPON Televi, NEWS ZERO, 00:01 (Japan time), Jin’s Press Conference will be shown on TV for the first time. (according to Daisukijin’s friend, NANA)
 - Tomorrow morning, FUJI Televi, 06:00-08:00. (according to luvjin.)

KAT-TUN Akanishi Denies Quitting

Johnny’s popular group KAT-TUN’s Jin Akanishi (22) who just announced to stop all entertainment activities held a press conference at the Johnny’s Agency on the 13th.
Regarding the reason for stopping entertainment activities, he explained it was “firstly to improve his language competency by studying abroad.”
Regarding the duration, it will “depend on the situation,” and the actual time is unclear yet. But he denies leaving the group or quitting the entertainment field.

Question and Answer one by one:
“R” – Reporter; “J” – Jin

R: When did you decide to study abroad?
J: I started thinking about it since I was about 17-18.
R: What did you want to do?
J: I have always been interested in the languages (not only English) of many countries, can’t really explain it clearly.
R: So it’s not because of a girl?
J: No, it’s not.
R: When did you tell the members?
J: After the 24Hr TV, around the time this year’s activities are about concluded.
R: What were their reations?
J: “If you really want to do it, go ahead.” I feel really bad towards the members and the agency, but they have all accepted (forgiven) my decision.
R: What about the duration?
J: The decision at first is for half a year. But it is still unclear and will depend on the situation.

(In the middle of the conference, members, Nakamaru Yuichi and Taguchi Junnoske both appeared as well.)

Some Parts of Additional Q&A + Press Release Content

I'm sorry, it seems that this part was not confirmed. May have been translated from Japanese fan's (wishful?) reports. I am taking them out until further confirmation. Sorry for the confusion. m(_ _)m


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