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Thursday, July 13, 2006

KAT-TUN 2nd single "SIGNAL" PV

KAT-TUN's second single "SIGNAL" is going to be released on July 19th. This was a combined advertising campeign with NTT DoCoMo's new 9 series cell phones, and we have seen the commercial featuring parts of the music video. Today the long-awaited full version of The promotional vedio (PV) is finally out! Last night, I stayed up until 3am in the morning to download and watch it, and it was well worth it! XD

Even though it is not as powerful as their first single, "REAL FACE," this song has a fast, light tempo, a catchy melody, cheerful lyrics, and a lot of cute sound effects. Of course, it also showcases each of the member's unique strengths such as their unique dancing style, Koki's RAP and Nakamaru's Beat-Boxing, and, of course, Jin's wonderful, wonderful voice! XD 

Except all of Jin's solo lines, my favorite part of the song is the bridge part with Koki and Maru's RAP + Beat-Box combination. It is really nice and the tempo is really cool. It makes you want to close your eyes and shake your head along with it! I am indeed becoming more and more impressed with Koki and Maru, neh! ^________^~ 

My favorite parts of the music video would, of course, be all of the parts where you can see Jin on screen! There is not enough words to describe how cute, handsome, sexy,... he is! Just watch it and you will see! XD

Other than all of JinJin's parts, I especially like the part close to the end where it shows all of the group members closed in a rectangular room. The special effects made it look like there is gravity pulling from all sides of the room, so somethings you have people standing on the walls or the ceiling! And the
boys seem to just be playing with each other and basically do what they love doing most -- fool around. This part passes by really quickly, so it's not very easy to catch what each person is doing in each scene, but they are all really hilarious! So be sure to pay attention to catch it, neh! XD

That's all for my sharing (rambling)! Now it's time to check out the YouTube stream below, lor~ Please leave your thoughts and comments, neh! ^^~

 ◎ KAT-TUN 2nd single "SIGNAL" PV ◎ 



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