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Monday, April 03, 2006

Aka-chan & Akanishi~ XP

OK, these are completely unrelated topics, lah... But they both start with the same Japanese character "赤" (AKA, 赤ん & 赤西), and are both subjects that interest me greatly! They are the topics of my previous two posts, and here is more on them! (Today's font color is bright red, to match with the word 赤, lor!! XD)

 ◎ Aka-Chan (赤
ん, baby)
I went back to Taichung this weekend, so did my sister, bro-in-law, and nephew. The most important thing was to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday! Even though he was born around January, but my grandparents did not register it until much later... So, very funnily, my dad's official birthday is listed as none other than April 1st - April Fool's Day!!! XD ha ha ha.... Anyways, we had a good dinner treat at a friend's house, and Mom, Julia+Wesley, and I bought an OSIM 音感按摩椅 as Dad's present for this important milestone. We tested the chair out, and it was really good! XP

The other important thing we did was our whole family went and visited Sonia at her 彰化 home -- Of course, to look at the new-born baby, lor! The baby is about 3 weeks old now, but is still tiny... However, you can already tell that she will have the same 深輪廓, curly hair, and 鵝蛋臉 as her mom, oh~ (even though her mom's 鵝蛋臉 is currently in hibernation... ha ha... XD)!! Jason (my nephew) also went in and looked at the baby... he was very curious and concentrated on the baby, neh.... (observing his future bride-to-be? Mwah~) We also looked at some video clips Sonia's hubby shot during the birth, which featured very painful expressions on the mom's face, and a great amount of blood on the baby's body... @.@" The last thing worth mentioning is that it was also Sonia's birthday on March 28th, so other than toys for the baby, I also prepared some nice presents for the mom... I hope she likes them and make good use of them, lor! ^^~

To see more pictures of the baby and the Huang family, check out continued updates on Chungkai's flickr album, neh! ^_______^
 ◎ Akanishi Jin (赤西 仁)
Hmm... not much else to say other than "check out his work!" lor~~~ If you have access to J-Drama, "ANEGO" (TW translated name: "熟女真命苦") is a recent MUST-SEE series, oh~~

It's hard not to fall in love with this guy neh...  |||Orz

Here below, I am sharing a short memorable scene from the drama... It's the scene of Jin waiting for Anego before their date. The emotions of anticipation and nervousness are all shown very clearly and naturally from his acting, neh! Really hope you would check out the show, and also, check out KAT-TUN's, especially Jin's, music, neh.... >3<

After 5 years of this group being formed, they have finally had their CD Debut, which has received 五冠王 (Single, Album, DVD, KTV 點播, 手機答鈴下載量) right in the first week, oh! After listening to it, I find many of their songs very 耐聽, and their style very different from the usual Japanese Pop idol groups, oh... Check out their songs if you have the chance, lah~ (I can also send you a couple of my favorites via MSN or Gmail if you are interested but can't get them yourselves, neh! XD)
 ◎  Anego Eps. 3 - Jin Waiting for Anego ◎ 


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