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Friday, March 10, 2006

Time to Abandon Ship?

Well, here's another work scenario for you guys to think about and give me suggestions:

What should you do when your company is facing a big difficulty?

Consider this: Your company has grown to its current considerable size with the sales of one product to one very big customer over the years. For years now, this customer has been dissatisfied with buying exclusively from you, and will look for any way possible to kick you out of the deal. Now is their chance: They found out some serious problem with the product that will give them legitimate reason for claiming a large refund (think approx. the equivalent of 5% of this customer's annual sales amount), and possibly stop buying from you.

The sales amount of this one customer is about 1/3 of the total annual sales income of your company. And your company is making a net profit of about 5-10% of the total sales amount.

What would you do?

1. Bang your head against the wall and consider yourself unlucky.

2. Do everything in your abilities to solve the problem, even though this problem is too big and too complicated for you or anyone else to solve.

3. Beg the customer to have mercy on you because you have young kids and old grandparents to take care of (even though they might not give a XXXX).

4. Let others do the work and just try to avoid any blame.

5. Get depressed, thinking you can do nothing right, anything that is within your reach will be affected by your extreme disfortune.

6. Finally, it's time to abandon ship. It's not your company, it's not your bad decision, it's not your problem, but in order not to be affected by this terrible situation, it's best to get far, far away as fast as your big fat butt can carry you!

7. Other suggestions............ ?

What do you think? Give me some brainstorming here!! O_O|||


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