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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Congrats, Mrs. Huang, It's a Girl! XD

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Some of you may remember from my post last July that my best friend since junior high school, Sonia (張筱苓), was pregnant.

On Mar. 13 (Mon), 2006, at 00:26am, she gave birth to a cute baby girl!!

She had some difficulties during labor, and they were really worried for a while, but Thank GOD, both mother and baby are alright now. They were busy taking care of the baby because of the complications, that's why I didn't hear about the baby having been born until last weekend.

Sonia's hubby (黃俊凱) called me last night to give me the link to these pictures he posted on his flickr photos page, and I've taken the liberty to share them here. ^^" (hope they don't mind... @.@") I'm sure they would love to see messages / comments from you on their pictures, oh... XD

The baby hasn't been named yet, for now, she is called "mei-mei (妹妹)" (as all first girls are, ha ha...). Once her Chinese name is decided, I will have the honor of helping to think of a good English name for her! ^^~

I'll keep you all posted!


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