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Ramblings of the Forever-12-Year-Old

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Sonia is Pregnant!! XD

My best friend since junior high school, Sonia 張筱苓, is pregnant!! XD
She called me last night to tell me the good news.... *^.^*

When I went back to Taichung around the week of my birthday (end of June), she and her hubby came to visit us in our home and gave me B-day present, a cute bag.... At that time, we got the sense that they were trying to get pregnant. She talked to me about the Taiwan environment not being really suitable for raising a child, but she also told me that they want to have children earlier instead of later when their bodies aren't as healthy and strong... In any case, it was pretty clear that they have decided to have a baby, and now it has come true! It is only about 7 weeks big now.... And she called me to give me the great news last night!

I am soooooooooo happy for her, neh... and, of course, for myself, lor... because I will have one more cute nephew/niece to play with... ha ha... XD

Well, CONGRATULATIONS to the Mom-to-be, and best wishes for a healthy and smooth pregnancy! (Maybe we can let her baby and my nephew Jason 指腹為婚? Mwah~)


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