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Ramblings of the Forever-12-Year-Old

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

First Time Out.....

So I went back to TaiChung again this weekend. Because my sister is on summer vacation (she is a high school English teacher, and has short breaks in between her summer classes), so she stayed in our Nantou home for the whole week since the weekend before... This weekend, my Bro-in-law, Wesley, and I also joined the whole family. Of course, most of the time and energy was focused on playing with my cute nephew, Jason, who is just so sweet and so smart, and so cute and so.... everything that nobody would mind his naughtiness and always having his way with everything....

Other than eat, sleep, play with the baby.... the one major thing we did this past weekend, was to go to the movies in Taichung. My sister somehow got a pair of free Warner Village tickets and wanted to go see "Mr. & Mrs. Smith." I have seen the movie on the first week it came out, but I went with them to see "The Fantastic 4" since no else else was interested in seeing it with me in Taipei.

What's so special about this movie trip is that, this was the first time since my nephew was born last May 19, that my sister and her husband went out without the baby.... Can you imagine? One whole year of not being able to have some leisure time / activities by yourself (actually, one and a half year, if you count in the couple of months before giving birth when she was too big to go anywhere)! I think I would die if I had to hold out that long!! (I can't stand it already if I didn't have some time for myself every day! XD)

Anyways, all through the short time on our way to the movie theatre, and the short time we had after the movies taking a short stroll through the mall (Tiger City, Taichung), my sister was so excited and anxious to see everything around... She really wanted to spend more time there to shop or enjoy... But because she learned from my mom and dad (who were taking care of the baby since we were gone) that Jason had woke up soon after we left, they decided to go back right away. So, in the end, they only watched the movie, and took a short walk through the mall (between
the movie theater on the 4th floor and the exit).

It is an extremely hard thing to do -- sacraficing one's own pleasures and enjoyments and putting another person's needs and concerns absolutely first, but still they do it with joy. I thought about and even offered them to bring the baby to Taipei some weekend and I can watch over him while they go hang out for a whole day or an afternoon. But they don't want to do it because they are too concerned about every little thing going on with the baby, and would not be able to relax or stop thinking about him if they were not nearby. I do worry that they are putting too much attention on the kid, and it might not be good for everybody, spoiling the kid and exhausting the parents. But the kid turned out to be really good humored and smart...

I just hope he stays that way when he starts actually walking and talking very soon... then, he might turn out to be a smart-ass devil-incarnate kid that never gets tired... muah~


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