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Ramblings of the Forever-12-Year-Old

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Rambling 050621

I guess I have to write something here today... even if just to say a short thanks the surprise BD greetings from Andy on MSN and from FLHD in last post's comment... ^^"

I don't feel that today is anything different... I still feel not up to doing any work at the office... (still posting ramlings on my blog.... XD) Even though there are only a couple of tasks I need to do, but I have been postponing them... (I guess I am not such a worthy employee to be complaining about my boss... = =")

Anyways... I got a really cute SWATCH from my sister, and a cute bag from Sonia, my long-time close friend since junior high school, a greeting from Andy on MSN whose BD is one day before mine (HP BD AD~ (I have not idea what's going on with my hands typing these stupid abbreviations... ha ha..)), and a greeting from FLHD here... No crazy celebrations, no showers of wishes, no excessive alcohol to drown the fact that I am one more step closer to the big number and still not done much with my life...

I guess, that's the way I like it... small joys and hidden worries signifies my life.... so it's just right that this BD should be passed this way.

Oh, BTW, in case anybody doesn't know, today is my 12th Birthday! XD


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