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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

LINKS 050621

As I was wondering about other people being able to put links on their blogs while I have never seen a "link" feature on my blog settings page... While fiddling with the templates, a "Links" area miraculously appeared on the left colomn out of nowhere! Ha ha.. maybe it's Blogger's BD gift for me... XD

Anways, I have put up some links here.. I didn't link to friends & family's blogs, because most people seem to have those already (although I am likely to add them later since there seems to be no limit to how many links you can add). What I just put up are four links to pages that I have been visiting pretty often lately.

I guess what I'll do with the links area is to update it once in a while with the interesting pages I go to often, using it as a kind of sharing about what I'm currently into.

Short Intro to Current Links
The four links here include two main interests:
1. 巴哈姆特電玩資訊站: is the largest Chinese resource and forum web site for anything related to gaming and manga/anime, etc. I read it often especially because of... No. 2.... XD (If you are a 巴友 as well, you can find me with the id: lingck XD)

2. 希望Online: is the online game that I have been playing since last year. It's a very cute game, with cute characters, cool special effects, and a bunch of KUSO clothes that tempts me to collect.

3. 1/2王子: is an online fantasy novel that I have been reading recently. This link goes to a website called 冒險者天堂 which hosts a lot of online novels in many popular genres. Many of these online novels have even been published into books, including 1/2王子... This novel has been completed, and all 8 volumes of the series published, however, there are some last parts that have not been posted on 冒險者天堂 (maybe a strategy to encourage sales of the published books). Although you can't say that they are enlightening or inspirational, I think they are fun and easy reading and offers a small glimpse of what young people nowadays are thinking about.

4. Fabel櫻之寓言: is a personal website established by a writer of online novels. I haven't finished all of her work, but her writing skills are pretty good. A lot of people are waiting for the sequel to her famous 長島冰茶 series, including me! XD

Be sure to check out these sites and let me know what you think about them, lor! ^^~


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