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Friday, June 24, 2005

New Cell -- ASUS 102 (時尚紅)

I changed my cell...
Used to be a Motorola E360, now, I am using the ASUS 102.

Actually I changed in March... have been using this new one for about three months now... (For those who had my old cell phone number, it's been cancelled, oh~~ Contact me so that I can give you the new one, neh! ^^")

Anyways, it's a flip style phone.. my first flip cell phone... it's pretty small, but looks really good. The shapes and lines are simple and elegant (just like me!! XD) But this time, I variated from my usual modest tone and picked the blood red colored one... looks really nice! Check out the introduction on Eprice.com by clicking on the title of this post! There are some good pictures of the phone on there as well. ^^

ASUS 102 Official Website
ASUS 102 Intro page on Eprice.com
ASUS 102 Photos page on Eprice.com

I decided to support a Taiwanese brand this time, and although ASUS have not joined the cell phone market until more recently (compared to BenQ or OKWAP, etc.), the phone's pretty easy to use and reliable. There are a couple of small flaws here and there, but most of the time it's satisfactory! (And of course, the good looks always made up for the small flaws... Mwah~)

Because the high acceptance and popularity of this model, ASUS has come out with several similar models that fit different styles and usages... I think that's pretty cool, and I don't regret that I didn't wait for the other styles to come out, because I would have picked this one anyways, I think... XD


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