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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cheers for KAT-TUN & Jin! XD

* Note *
I swear, I had originally intended for this to be a very short post, mainly showing the clips, but somehow it just went on and become this extremely long post... I'm sorry... But, seriously, it shouldn't take you that long to read, lah.... >w< If you really don't feel like reading the whole thing now, just go to the clips directly, bah.... |||Orz

I feel bad about pushing the previous post down the page only after one day... But I have been meaning to share more of KAT-TUN and Akanishi Jin's great stage performances since last week... And, recently there are rumors of some hardships for them during their Debut concerts around Japan, and also there was the very worrying rumor of Jin maybe losing his voice because of all the excessive strain and a bad cold. (It makes me want to cry when reading that he kept shouting at the top of his lungs for the crazy fanatics to shut-up even when his throat was already very sore and tired from the cold and all the singing... >Q<~)

I just want to support them by showing people how brilliant a group of performers they are!! Even with all these difficulties and inhumane hectic schedule ahead of them, it still amazes me how good they are on stage. I never get tired of watching these shows and each time I watch them, I am encouraged by the fact that they are a tough and talented group that would continue to grow and evolve and not be so easily beaten down.

Whenever I get the chance lately, I have been listening to their album songs.... and I am proud to say that almost all of their songs are indeed very good and you don't get tired of listening to them. On the other hand, what is even more amazing is that listening to their songs makes you wonder what the live performances of these songs would be like! You just can't help but imagine what their dance moves and team formation would be like... Indeed, they are a great vocal group, but their visual presentation makes them just that much more special!  ^_______^ 

This fact is proven by the recent sales numbers:
The current (up to 06/04/09) top ranking cumulative music DVD sales of all time in Japan:

No. 1, "Real Face Film", 426,905 copies sold -- KAT-TUN's Debut single DVD (includes "making of" the MV and 7 different versions of the MV, one of which I have shared in a previous post.)

No. 2, "海盜帆" KAT-TUN Concert DVD, 332,420 copies sold -- This was their second major concert tour which lasted between end of 2004 to beginning of 2005. It can designated as their signature performance. 

No. 3, SMAP Concert DVD -- not sure of the exact title... but it held the highest cumulative sales (about 330,000 copies) until "Real Face Film" was released... and "Real Face Film" broke its records on the first day of sales... 

"海盜帆" was released on 2005/05/03, and was No. 2 on the overall sales before KAT-TUN's Debut.  But it has remained on the daily and weekly sales chart up to now (recently entered Top 5 again after almost one whole year of its release!), and have just now surpassed the SMAP Concert DVD to become the No. 2 in cumulative sales! XD

It seems that the only thing that will top this record would be KAT-TUN's next Concert DVD!! XD When that happens, it wouldn't surprise me to see all top 3 cumulative sale DVD's being held by KAT-TUN!! >_______<~

 ◎ Some more impressive KAT-TUN statistics ◎
1. They are the only group that has held major concerts tours before having a CD Debut. And, what's more, is that before their CD Debut, they had already held 130+ concerts by themselves (that is, not counting the concerts and musicals where they performed with other Johnny's groups)!!

2. They hold the record of 11 straight live performances in one day! This was in 2002, the 2nd year after they were formed, each show was 45 min. long, with a 15 min. break in between.

3. They are the only group in Japan history to be able to hold a concert at Tokyo Dome before CD Debut -- Their Tokyo Dome Debut special concert was held on this past Mar. 17 in front of 55,000 people.

Even though I am only "crazy" about JIN, I do think the group belongs together and produces a unique sound of their own that others cannot duplicate. I love JIN's solo performances, but the whole group together brings even more out of every one of them by themselves, oh~ 

So, after all those rambling... Please check out the below EXTREMELY COOL performances! XD You can even skip through the rambling above and go directly to the on-line clips! >___<

 ◎  KAT-TUN - "Andalucia ni Akogarete" (SUMMARY of Johnny's World) ◎
This is a Spanish style song, each member has a short solo part. It is really impressive how each of them has their own distinct great style and combine into this wonderful show. The stage is amazing as well! Pay special attention to where they each pass on the rose and the hat to the next member, and the part where they drop their suit jackets on the floor, then drop down on the floor to pick up the jackets with their mouths! The jacket dance is WAY HOT~~ (not to be missed are also JIN's sexy moves... *faints*)

 ◎  KAT-TUN - "Never Again" (SUMMARY of Johnny's World) ◎
This is a KAT-TUN original song. When you listen to the song itself, it's not as memorable as some others, however, after watching the stage performance, the images just keep popping into my head everytime I hear the song, especially the parts when one member is singing a solo line, the others would crouch in the shadows and 震 with the tempo (this is very hard to explain, you have to watch it to understand). Overall, it's a very COOL performance, and I especially like JIN's entry line, "My girls, Mwah~ (fly kiss)" (*runs to catch the flying kiss~*)

 ◎ Akanishi JIN - "Care" (Shounen Club) ◎
This is JIN's solo song, lyrics written by himself. It seems that this was his first performance of this song, it was on this weekly TV show called 少年俱樂部 that the Johnny's boys take turns producing. This time, it was produced by JIN, and in the beginning of this performance, he explains the reason of the theme ("Love and Natural") he chose for that week's show and how this song is also related to the same theme. Something about loving and caring for the people around you. It's a really good song, always puts a smile on my face listening to it! And that VOICE!!!!! (*runs away screaming and cheering~~~*)


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