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Monday, July 03, 2006

じん くん,お誕生日おめでと~!

謹獻上這首歌,給明天即將滿 22歲 的遠方的可愛的仁.....

(其實是壓根兒沒任何藝術方面的天份啦! >w<)
二來... Why tamper with perfection?
就算不是完全符合 14歲就開始在日本演藝圈打拼的仁,

最近想來研究怎樣在 blog 上面播放音樂,

To Dear JIN-kun,

I wish you the best on this spacial day, July 4th, 2006, your 22nd birthday!

May all your dreams come true! May every day of the coming year be extremely fulfilling and exciting with new opportunities and new challenges to show off your talents in doing what you love most!! p^Q^q

Please take good care of your health! (Lay off too much partying, neh~ XD)

May you get to spend lots of quality time with the family and friends you care so much about.
 They are the ones who can provide you with an abundance of joy and laughter; they are also the ones who will be able to comfort you and give you advice when you are down or confused.

May you continue to grow and mature in everything you try.
 May more and more people in the world know and appreciate your hard work, talents, and natural style. And may I continue to see a little bit of something new from you each and every day~  Y^~^Y

~ by QT Sushi


作詞:陶吉吉/娃娃 作曲:陶吉吉 編曲:陶吉吉

春天是他最愛的季節 當微風隨意吹亂他的頭髮
他並不在意身邊世界的吵雜 只想著自己生命中的變化
還有十五分鐘才午休 從早到晚沒有想像中那麼好過
安定的日子不一定就是幸福 忘不掉他在心裡做過的夢

他今年農曆三月六號剛滿二十二 剛甩開課本要離開家看看這世界
卻發現許多煩惱要面對 oh yeah
他常會嚮往能回到那年他一十二 只需要好好上學生活單純沒憂愁

秋天是忽然間就來臨 青春雖然有本錢可以灑脫
一場戀愛二十二個月後結束 才知道有些感情不值得賭
九月天氣還是有點熱 他想公車再不來就走一走路
他開始明白等待未必有結果 一個人也能走上夢的旅途

人生偶爾會走上一條陌路 像是沒有指標的地圖
別讓他們說你該知足 只有你知道什麼是你的幸福
他常會嚮往能回到那年他一十二 只需要好好上學生活單純沒憂愁
他笑著想過未來 oh 他應該得到幸福 如此的簡單的夢


  • By the way, a belated "Happy Birthday" to the following persons, too:
    黃小凱 (6/xx? XD)
    周小卉 (6/11)
    熊小婷 (6/23)
    高美眉 (6/25)
    Bi小雨 (6/25)
    陳小伶 (6/28)

    A Happy Birthday note in advance to:
    程小酷 (7/10)
    陶小吉 (7/11)
    林小蒂 (7/15)

    I'm sure I missed many people... so, "Happy Birthday to you all!! XD"

    By Blogger Cutie Sushi, at Monday, July 03, 2006 5:26:00 PM  

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