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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

KAT-TUN Making it Big in TW~

Below is the news release from EMI's homepage. EMI Music is the official importer / representative of KAT-TUN in TW (not sure if it includes other regions), and they have been pretty actively promoting the group. Thumbs up for EMI in doing a good and letting people know about this great group, lor~ ^^

They have not only been promoting the Debut Single "Real Face" on the music channels and with TV commercials, but they have also been playing some really good, classic KAT-TUN songs, such as "Never Again," on the radio (HitoFM Listen Live Online). It's interesting that the Taiwanese people are more interested in the Album while the Japanese people focus most of their attention on singles... To me, albums are a much better deal than singles since you get more songs for only 2-3 times the cost!! Of course, the prerequisite is that most of the songs in the album are good, such as all the songs on "Best of KAT-TUN," lor.... XD

Also check out KAT-TUN's Official Homepage by EMI! Although there are no pictures of the members (the Johnny's agency has this extremely strict policy about 肖像權), but there are some pretty clear introduction and history information of the group! ^_______^

* NOTE: * Original news page is linked at the title of the post.

KAT-TUN 跨海登台岀道大成功,三天破白金 勢如破竹刷新紀錄!


挾 帶著威猛的聲勢,傑尼斯人氣團體KAT-TUN於4月7日正式登台出道,不僅讓台灣各大唱片行破天荒自行舉辦非官方的預購活動,而預計於7日中午12點的 上市時間,因當天交通緣故導致到貨延誤,更是出現許久不見的排隊人潮,眾人只為了在第一時間搶到心愛的KAT-TUN!而同步三連發作品裡的專輯 「Best of KAT-TUN」正式台壓版,更在24小時之內篤定穩坐全台冠軍寶座,三作品三天總銷售便突破白金唱片銷售,橫掃千軍的超強氣勢也令華語歌手咋舌!

以東京巨蛋為出道舞台、締造排行榜三冠王無敵紀錄的KAT-TUN,日前其出道單曲「Real Face」更連續3週蟬聯公信榜第一名寶座,是繼前輩團體KinKi Kids之後,睽違8年8個月以來以出道單曲坐穩3週公信榜冠軍的超級新人!同樣地,KAT-TUN跨海來台出道也同樣創下驚人暢銷紀錄!他們不僅是 2006至今第一位以出道首張專輯便橫掃全台銷售榜的外籍新人(含東西洋、 跨界古典爵士),也同時其DVD作品「Real Face Film」更是打敗哈利波特強勢登上第1名!同時也迅速攻下各大唱片行東洋榜、博客來網路書店東洋音樂榜冠軍寶座,一舉刷新今年台灣地區外籍兵團的全新紀 錄!

同時他們於去年發行的影音產品「海盗旗」,不僅創下G-music風雲榜DVD冠軍銷售成績,並連續蟬聯長達34週從未退出榜外,在這段期間更打敗過蔡依 林、周杰倫、霍爾的移動城堡、濱崎步、V6等巨星,目前更保持兩張作品同時進入影音榜的佳績!最驚人的是,KAT-TUN的這三張作品(單曲/專輯 /DVD)在3天之內(4/7─4/9)總銷售量已旋即突破白金唱片的紀錄,並持續看好上漲中!可說是為台灣唱片市場注入一股活絡景氣的超強心劑!

自從KAT-TUN於3月22日在日本出道以來,業已締造超過100億日圓的經濟效果,CD與DVD的銷售量與演唱會的收入合計就已達到118億日圓,再 加上他們手頭上目前擁有8種產品的廣告代言,對於提昇整體銷售量的貢獻更不在話下!放眼望去,能夠同時活絡日本與台灣音樂市場經濟者,也只有稱霸兩地的超 級新人王「KAT-TUN」才辦得到!


And, of course, because I'm too excited to restrain myself, I'm again going to share some cool clips of their live performances of their original songs!! (Yeah, yeah, I know.... This post is growing longer and longer... It's got a life of its own!! ARGH~~~)

"Best of KAT-TUN Medley" on Music Fighter 060331
A medley (什錦歌) of several classic KT songs! Jin 偷笑ing in the back because he forgot to dance in the beginning! XD

KAT-TUN "Never Again" on Shounen Club 040919
Another performance of this classic song, different from the one in "SUMMARY of Johnny's World" which you saw in my last post. It's so great that there is so much to see in their live performances that each filming of the same song gives you very different views and feelings! This one has much better lighting so you can see their dance moves better. Pay attention to the middle part, after Jin's solo of the chorus and after he sings "No Fake~", there's a ticking sound while they tick off the time with clock movements with their arms! I love that part! XD

Jin + Ueda "BUTTERFLY" on Shounen Club 060416
In this album "Best of KAT-TUN," the six members pair up in two's and have three new songs in pairs. This song written and performed by Jin and Ueda is soooooooooo cool and so additive just by listening to it! This was their first performance of the song on TV, aired only yesterday, and watching it is even better than only listening to it!! 小心被 仁仁 的媚眼電暈哦!! XD

"anego" JIN clips collection with theme song (fanvid)
Yeah... of course, this has nothing to do with KAT-TUN's album or songs.... I just can't help but throw this in for the sake of my love for JIN!! XD HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE~~~~~~~ (*finally finishes the rambling of the day and runs away screaming~*)


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