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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

虎斑☆恐龍王 - 空が泣くから (因為天空在哭泣)

For those of you who aren't familiar with J-Pop, ENDLICHERI☆ENDLICHERI (虎斑☆恐龍王) is the name Domoto Tsuyoshi (堂本剛) started using early last year when he released works of his own outside of the pop group, Kinki Kids (近畿小子), which is celebrating its 10th Anniversary since CD Debut this year.

I have liked Tsuyoshi a lot since I watched his "金田一少年事件簿" series a long time ago. And his singing skills has universally been acknowledged as one of the best, if not THE best, among all the Johnny's artists. 

I personally liked his voice a lot since I first knew he belongs to a pop group and found some of their songs to listen to. And actually he is the one person, because of his voice and also his TV dramas, that got me sort of interested in learning about Johnny's artists. But I haven't really been "watching his every move," either, just catching something here and there. 

It wasn't until around one year ago when I started getting "really" interested in Johnny's artists (OK~ One Johnny's artist in particular, lah~~ XP), that I started paying more attention to Tsuyoshi's recent work. (Since Kinki Kids are KAT-TUN's sembai, and are actually the main reason KAT-TUN got started -- in order to back-dance for Kinki Kids on a TV Show.) 

When I see Tsuyoshi again after so many years, he seems to have become this really weird old man (怪叔叔)... Not only dressing but also behaving weird.... Not weird in a bad way, but more like very eccentric and has his extremely distinct style. That's why since then, I have nicknamed and been calling him "Ojisan" in a joking but loving way, because his style is so weird that it's already become cute in his own way! XD 

But it's not only the way he dresses that's evolved, but also his singing style and skills! He has incorporated a lot of Funk into his own music and has really developed a very unique sound that's very unusual but pleasant to the ears as well. He has not only sold three No. 1 singles, 1 No. 1 album, but also performed more than 100 solo concerts at a specially designed / built arena throughout 2006. 

Despite all this, this PV for ENDLICHERI☆ENDLICHERI's 3rd single (released 2006.02.07) really blew me away when I saw it by accident on TV one morning last week... I can't describe why or how, but it's not only the song itself, but also the PV that gave a strong, lasting impression... Even though I didn't understand the lyrics, but just the sound and the kind-of-weird-but-very-cool-PV is unique and memorable enough for me to want to post this long post and share his music with everybody. 

感覺好像自己的兒子長大成人了一樣! p>\\\\\\\\<q
真的是全世界最酷、最有才華的怪叔叔了!! XDDDDDDDDD

After all that long introduction, please now watch this PV! ^_________^~

Don't ask me what the weird hand thing means, lah~ |||Orz

◎ ENDLICHERI☆ENDLICHERI - 空が泣くから (因為天空在哭泣) ◎



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