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Ramblings of the Forever-12-Year-Old

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Black Saseme Seeds... XD

Funny things that people do....

You guys know that I've been trying to lose weight, right... So I've been cutting down on the calories and Carbon-Hydrates... (澱粉類)... So, when I eat my Bento (便當) at work (the company orders Bentos for lunch everyday, sometimes it's soup noodles or fried rice, etc... ^^~), I leave as much rice as I can... (usually just finishing the veggies and meats, and leaving all the white rice... XP)

Well, today, when I was eating my bento... Because it's a Japanese style teriyaki bento... There are some black saseme seeds sprinkled on the white rice... And seeing that black saseme seeds are good for our hair (and maybe some other stuff...) I automatically started picking out the saseme seeds only from on top of the rice... resulting in my "final product" of bento was no 菜 left, almost all the white rice, and a dozen of holes in the rice where I picked out the saseme seeds... ha ha...

Maybe it's just weird, what people do... their little habits and stuff.... some of them have reasons, and some of them maybe even the person doing it cannot figure out why... But, as I was diligently picking out my saseme seeds and sticking them in my mouth... I was thinking, "how weird would this look like if one of my colleagues saw me... ha ha... XD"

Okay, so, there you go, my meaningless, worthless rambling for the day! Hope you enjoyed it! XD

Monday, August 30, 2004

What's a life worth?!

Some of you who keep updated on Taiwanese news must have heard about the girl who committed suicide by jumping off the roof of an old department store building in Taipei's busiest area?

(Even though it was late, there was still a lot of people in the streets, a lot of people coming and going to the pubs, etc. When she jumped off, she landed on the busiest street in Taipei, 忠孝東路, and smashed on the roof of the MRT exit then on the ground, with all her brain and organs splashed out... @#&%$... Leaving a note to her parents, "I have been very unhappy, please allow me to be selfish this once...")


As for the reason for her suicide?
It's because her boyfriend dumped her and refused to get back together with her. What??!! In my understanding, when people get dumped, they cut their hair, they get drunk, they cry or get angry with the world. They don't kill themselves!! (FYI, this guy that the girl loved so much that she died for him, is a pretty famous 玩絝子弟, playing around with many models and girls...)

What I see from this incident is how insignificant the value of life is to the younger generation today. To so easily give up the life that was given to you, how dumb is that?! If the young people today cannot even overcome the pain of being dumped, what can we expect them to achieve in life?? There wouldn't be ten lives for them to throw away later on in their lives when they face more challenges and difficulties.

Not to sound cynical, although I feel that I'm becoming that lately, when I see the news about how people are crying for her and pitying her, and seeing how pretty she was, and how she had had a bright future... (she was a model and appeared in a very famouse commercial recently.) I keep thinking, was her behavior really worth all the 憐香惜玉 and 惋惜?? Instead of all the crying and the lamenting on her lost life, shouldn't the society be examining why young people today can look at life so lightly? Shouldn't we be thinking about what's wrong with our education and our society that produce a generation of poeple who cannot withstand pressure and difficulties?

I know I'm being judgemental and not sympathetic, but for someone to throw away their own life so easily, she was the main person to blame! And it just angers me that no one is saying that, and it seems that her suicide was not frowned upon, but instead, had been given a romantic twist. It would not surprise me that more and more cases like this will occur. This time, it's because she committed suicide in the busiest area of Taipei, and because she was famous because of her own career and her parents being famous. But think of all the 平凡老百姓 who might do the same thing and just be a small listing on the 社會版, and be forgotten after 5 seconds?

Because, to many people today, life, it seems, is not worth FACING anymore!

有關於七年級生.. ^^"

This is a short sharing forwarded by a colleague, and it's really funny, but at the same time, worth thinking about... Well, okay, I know, I'm getting lazy already... (not posting anything for more than two weeks, then the first post after that wasn't actually written by myself...) Oh, well... at least it's something, lah... blah... XD

Thanks for akanie for reminding me a couple of times, neh... I needed that, lah.. Keep them coming, lor!! XD



我之前曾在一家補習班當視訊人員..因為裡面的同事對電腦都不懂 ..

我 :學弟您好~我想請教您一些問題..請問您喔..當光碟機挑片的時候..你會怎麼處理?
學弟 :喔~~我想應該是光碟片的問題...買好一點應該就沒問題了 ....
我 :喔~學弟..你可能誤會我的意思..我是說你會怎麼對電腦處理..
學弟 :那應該是燒錄器的問題..買好一點的就不會有問題.....
我 :喔~不不不..我的意思是說..你會對光碟機怎麼處理(夠明白了吧)..
學弟 :怎麼處理..?..要怎麼處理..就燒錄器跟片買好一點就好了丫 ~..
我 :我開門見山好了..你會不會自己將光碟機拆開調它的可調式電阻..
學弟 :為什麼要拆..就送修就好了丫~~
我 :我們的工作都是自己來的..送修的話會浪費成本..所以要會調才行..
學弟 : 我又不是電子電機科的人...我幹嘛要會拆...
我 :.......那....你會不會用win2000server....
學弟 :我會win98跟xp....
我 :win2000server....
學弟 :我會win98跟xp....
我 :是這樣的..因為它的安全性高..而且.....
學弟 :那可以將我們裡面的那台主機換成xp的丫~~
我 :..........................
學弟 :學長..其實我想說給你們一些建議...
我 :喔~~請說..(拜託你說說人話吧...)
學弟 :我覺得你們可以『再』請一個視訊人員....
我 :喔~~為什麼呢?..
學弟 :不然我以後一個人作會很累喔~~
我 :(看到鬼咧.不然你是錄取了喔..)........................


So, what are your thoughts about our younger generation??
Or maybe we ourselves have some of these tendencies as well?? >"<

Friday, August 13, 2004

Fulfilling Day~~~

Since I started working in May, my days have been very regular: work, go home, play games, watch TV, sleep, etc. Nothing special, nothing exciting... However, I think it is a tiny adventure for myself because I have never imagined I would get into the business field, least of all, in the sales department! @.@ I have always thought myself least talented at doing business and dealing with this kind of stuff, but, I guess I've never really tried... So... What the heck, why not give it a chance? ^^~

I am still very inexperienced, and therefore, the company haven't been giving me very heavy loads, but I am learning from many people about this exportation business, so it's a brand new start for me. The thing is, because of the sales nature of this job, we don't always have a routine set of tasks to fill our day. Instead, we often have to react according to different cases, resulting in sometimes a lot of work crammed together at once, and sometimes, nothing at all to do...

The first weeks of my job was pretty boring, and I often spent the whole day surfing the net reading on Agrochemical business (That's what we export! XP). As time went on, the tasks I can do increased, and more and more often, I can make decisions on my own. This past couple of weeks, however, there hasn't been much for me to do, and I have been doing a lot of "not-job-related" surfing on the net... >\\\\<

Just this morning, the end of the work week, my 前輩 summerized a list of things for me to do. And I started effectively following up on these matters and discussing the different situations with clients with other colleagues, etc. I suddenly felt this sense of happiness and meaningful purpose in my very regular, normal life as a "上班族"... Of course, it's not as if I have only now realized the meaning of life, or as if I have found God in my workplace... (I am still in serious need to deal with that issue... ><) But, at least, I finally have this sense that I'm doing something, that I am not just a 米蟲, sucking others' blood and contributing nothing, and always worrying that others would look down on me because of my ignorance in the field.

The conclusion is, I like my work day full. I like to have things to do, whatever they are. Just give me something to do, even if it's not very pleasant, I think it is still better than doing nothing at all. Now that I think back on the previous month, during which my main 前輩, whom I was mainly assigned to assist, was back in Taiwan, I had days filled with stuff to do (even if I didn't really know what I was doing! XP), and often stayed later than the supposed work hours. During that period of time, I didn't have much time to surf on the net during work, and was more tired when I went home. However, looking back at it now, I had pleasure and I felt a deep sense of satisfaction.

So hopefully these kinds of days will continue to increase, but not to the point where I have to work over-time and be tired as a dog everyday (That's what a lot of my high school friends are like nowadays.. @.@)... As for looking for God in the workplace, and looking for God's specific plans for my life... Well, I'll think about it next time, lah... XP

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Okay... It's not as easy as I thought it is... ~"~

Well, I thought it would be a piece of cake just to "write diaries" on the web, right? It turned out that it's not that easy, neh...

My biggest problem, at least the biggest one I've realized, is that I tend to just go on and on circling the main point, instead of just saying it straight out! In my head, I know what I think (Duh?!), but when I try to put it down in words, it just doesn't seem to achieve the effect I wanted.

On the other hand, writing random, pointless, chit-chat is just so easy and I can go on and on and on~~~~~ I guess that's the main reason why, up to now, all my posts on this page have been chit-chats... XP
I do have one draft.. But I got stuck about 1/5 way through, and haven't been able to go on... So... it's still a draft... >o<~~

I think that's also a result of laziness, bah... because I'm too lazy to squeeze my brain for words! XP
Avoidance! Denial!! Yeah!! Blah~~~

PS. For those of you who have been writing regularly... Do you guys have some advice on writing?? Care to share some of them with me here?? Thanks, neh~~~

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Grand Opening!!

What? What's going on with all these people wanting to write and have their own pages and share their two cents??!! What's a "blog"? And what's "Xanga"?? (<-- Sounds like a new version of Jenga to me... ha!)

Ay-ya~~~ why think so much, lah~~~ Why spend so much time thinking and analyzing people's minds and behaviors? Just listen to me, lah!! ha ha...

(Think this openning sounds too out-landish? Urgh... don't expect too much, lah... It's just for fun, and no offense intended, neh... This is just a place to share my own thoughts and experiences, nothing special, and nothing deep. I guess you can say it's a lazy girl's way of keeping in touch with friends around the world, lor! ^^)


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