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Monday, August 30, 2004

What's a life worth?!

Some of you who keep updated on Taiwanese news must have heard about the girl who committed suicide by jumping off the roof of an old department store building in Taipei's busiest area?

(Even though it was late, there was still a lot of people in the streets, a lot of people coming and going to the pubs, etc. When she jumped off, she landed on the busiest street in Taipei, 忠孝東路, and smashed on the roof of the MRT exit then on the ground, with all her brain and organs splashed out... @#&%$... Leaving a note to her parents, "I have been very unhappy, please allow me to be selfish this once...")


As for the reason for her suicide?
It's because her boyfriend dumped her and refused to get back together with her. What??!! In my understanding, when people get dumped, they cut their hair, they get drunk, they cry or get angry with the world. They don't kill themselves!! (FYI, this guy that the girl loved so much that she died for him, is a pretty famous 玩絝子弟, playing around with many models and girls...)

What I see from this incident is how insignificant the value of life is to the younger generation today. To so easily give up the life that was given to you, how dumb is that?! If the young people today cannot even overcome the pain of being dumped, what can we expect them to achieve in life?? There wouldn't be ten lives for them to throw away later on in their lives when they face more challenges and difficulties.

Not to sound cynical, although I feel that I'm becoming that lately, when I see the news about how people are crying for her and pitying her, and seeing how pretty she was, and how she had had a bright future... (she was a model and appeared in a very famouse commercial recently.) I keep thinking, was her behavior really worth all the 憐香惜玉 and 惋惜?? Instead of all the crying and the lamenting on her lost life, shouldn't the society be examining why young people today can look at life so lightly? Shouldn't we be thinking about what's wrong with our education and our society that produce a generation of poeple who cannot withstand pressure and difficulties?

I know I'm being judgemental and not sympathetic, but for someone to throw away their own life so easily, she was the main person to blame! And it just angers me that no one is saying that, and it seems that her suicide was not frowned upon, but instead, had been given a romantic twist. It would not surprise me that more and more cases like this will occur. This time, it's because she committed suicide in the busiest area of Taipei, and because she was famous because of her own career and her parents being famous. But think of all the 平凡老百姓 who might do the same thing and just be a small listing on the 社會版, and be forgotten after 5 seconds?

Because, to many people today, life, it seems, is not worth FACING anymore!


  • Not really gonna say anything...but I like her commercial so much...sign...and i saw her a few times as a matter of fact...she works in a famous louge bar called, "In house" that's nearby the Warner's village. she comes to MOS sometimes, too!! what a pity!

    By Blogger flyingufooo, at Tuesday, August 31, 2004 1:44:00 AM  

  • 惋惜...
    i think so. because when someone committed suicide, famous or not famous, we should feel 惋惜.

    life is tough, especially when we don't know how other people deal with life issues. As the matter of fact, most of the time we have NO IDEA what other people's being through.

    Committing suicide is WRONG. Yet, for those who don't care about what the Bible says, why committing suicide is wrong? Life is just meaningless coincidence. Committing suicide is merely a choice, or an easy way out of trouble. Especially in reincarnation-thinking dominated society, people believe they'll try harder and better in the next life.

    Unless people can have the assurance and confidence about the value and meaning of life from God, committing suicide will remain a choice for people to get out of lonely and troubled mind.

    By Blogger smallwei, at Saturday, September 04, 2004 3:17:00 AM  

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