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Friday, August 13, 2004

Fulfilling Day~~~

Since I started working in May, my days have been very regular: work, go home, play games, watch TV, sleep, etc. Nothing special, nothing exciting... However, I think it is a tiny adventure for myself because I have never imagined I would get into the business field, least of all, in the sales department! @.@ I have always thought myself least talented at doing business and dealing with this kind of stuff, but, I guess I've never really tried... So... What the heck, why not give it a chance? ^^~

I am still very inexperienced, and therefore, the company haven't been giving me very heavy loads, but I am learning from many people about this exportation business, so it's a brand new start for me. The thing is, because of the sales nature of this job, we don't always have a routine set of tasks to fill our day. Instead, we often have to react according to different cases, resulting in sometimes a lot of work crammed together at once, and sometimes, nothing at all to do...

The first weeks of my job was pretty boring, and I often spent the whole day surfing the net reading on Agrochemical business (That's what we export! XP). As time went on, the tasks I can do increased, and more and more often, I can make decisions on my own. This past couple of weeks, however, there hasn't been much for me to do, and I have been doing a lot of "not-job-related" surfing on the net... >\\\\<

Just this morning, the end of the work week, my 前輩 summerized a list of things for me to do. And I started effectively following up on these matters and discussing the different situations with clients with other colleagues, etc. I suddenly felt this sense of happiness and meaningful purpose in my very regular, normal life as a "上班族"... Of course, it's not as if I have only now realized the meaning of life, or as if I have found God in my workplace... (I am still in serious need to deal with that issue... ><) But, at least, I finally have this sense that I'm doing something, that I am not just a 米蟲, sucking others' blood and contributing nothing, and always worrying that others would look down on me because of my ignorance in the field.

The conclusion is, I like my work day full. I like to have things to do, whatever they are. Just give me something to do, even if it's not very pleasant, I think it is still better than doing nothing at all. Now that I think back on the previous month, during which my main 前輩, whom I was mainly assigned to assist, was back in Taiwan, I had days filled with stuff to do (even if I didn't really know what I was doing! XP), and often stayed later than the supposed work hours. During that period of time, I didn't have much time to surf on the net during work, and was more tired when I went home. However, looking back at it now, I had pleasure and I felt a deep sense of satisfaction.

So hopefully these kinds of days will continue to increase, but not to the point where I have to work over-time and be tired as a dog everyday (That's what a lot of my high school friends are like nowadays.. @.@)... As for looking for God in the workplace, and looking for God's specific plans for my life... Well, I'll think about it next time, lah... XP


  • BTW, Happy Friday the 13th!! XD

    By Blogger Cutie Sushi, at Friday, August 13, 2004 4:19:00 PM  

  • hmm..do i suspect you are writing this post at work XD
    i know how you feel sushi cause i am working on more of a managerial side of the business now a days. no more answering phones and fixing people's network. anwyays...me post this stuff later on my own site.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Friday, August 13, 2004 8:55:00 PM  

  • excellent neee..
    i always wanna try different things in life...
    i wanna be a taxi driver, i wanna be a tour guide, i wanna be a manager, i wanna be a sales ...
    life is very colorful if you try many things, with exciting mind! :)

    By Blogger smallwei, at Friday, August 13, 2004 10:27:00 PM  

  • no post from susie for a while =[
    what r u donig????

    By Blogger akanie, at Friday, August 20, 2004 10:16:00 PM  

  • response to sushi work sharing

    Hey how you doing?(oops my Joy Tribiani greeting just came out of my mouth, i've been practicing).

    hey sushi, so glad to visit your website! Brand new hur? looks decent to me!
    and sorry for dissapearing for a while, u know me. I know I should keep in touch more often though. I miss the times whenever I wanna watch a movie and I'd ask, so hey sushi, what's new lately? Usually, you'll say something like,"well, there are 5 moveis out lately, and 3 comedies, 1love story, and 1 action movie, and blah blah blah....hehe, I'd block my ears and hear only the info i'd like to hear" wuuuhaha Now , I have to sort of look up by myself. Anyways, I am glad that you are doing alright now with your work and everything. I am learning quite a lot in my current job now, sort of unorthodox among people from our group, i guess, and i never thought of doing this before either! and I am enjoying it, hehe! I guess there are many stages of ourlives, sometiems we might not be sure of what we do at that certain point. I look at each step as what God has for me though. He defainately has a plan for each of us, but it takes time to develop the skills and characters to do the things He wants us to do. Cuz we cant handle the truth right now!!! After all, Abraham only realized what God wants him to do when he was like what..75? so, i am quite sure He will make his plans plain to us before that, we aint quite father of faith, u know..hehe so hang in there, and are u doing sales for real? I am thinking of maybe doing things related to that sometimes, but hey, before that, My job will be a soilder!!! wooo, how do like that? Call me Captain Mark!!! or u can just call me cappy! Anyways, enjoy your work, I am loving it, are u?

    By Blogger flyingufooo, at Monday, August 23, 2004 2:15:00 AM  

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