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Monday, May 02, 2005

~For Quality Harvest~

You are probably thinking, "what in the world is 'Pilarquim'?"
Well, ok, as unknown as our little company is, it is supposely one of the largest Agrochemical exporting company in Taiwan! Although we are not big enough to compete head to head with the big, famous companies such as BASF, Syngenta, or Bayer, we do boast of large amounts of sales of Agrochemicals at low prices, and several regional offices around the world! Our slogan is "for Quality Harvest!" We like to promote our image as providing "quality products and service with reasonable prices"! (You can click on the link on the title to check out our website! XD)

With my little intro done... I know, you are wondering, "why is Susie all of a sudden so interested in letting people know about her company?"
Well, the thing is this : just to vent my dissatisfaction of having to come to work today...
(Yes, by passing the work hours without doing work, but just waiting for the clock to move to 5:30pm... )

Well, see, the thing is, May, 1st is Labor Day, and according to the Labor Law, and announced by 勞委會, "All organizations complying to the Labor Law should have one day off for Labor Day. Because this year's Labor Day falls on a Sunday, all companies should compensate for the holiday on Monday May 2nd. If employers request employees to come to work on Monday May, 1st, 2005, they should be compensated as working overtime."

Because of this, the co-workers in our "Multinational, Service-Oriented Compay" formed a small secret campeign to inquire if we can have this Monday May 2 off as compensation holiday for Labor Day....

The below is the record of what happened:
Ryan LIN
To: Danny; Vivian
Cc: Louise
Sent: Friday, April 29, 2005 11:28 AM
Subject: 有關5月1日是否補假的事宜




=== Quote from Yahoo News ===
五一逢例假 勞工補假一天
【聯合新聞網 記者徐國淦/台北報導】



Ryan LIN
To: Everybody
Sent: Friday, April 29, 2005 03:49 PM
Subject: Fw: 有關5月1日是否補假的事宜

Dear all,





At this point, because most of the colleagues know of other companies who are similar to us or have very close relation to us (banks, shipping companies, etc. including the company our 老闆娘 worked for previously.) are not working on Monday, even though we did not think that the Boss will be graceful enough to give us the vacation we are entitled to, but the reason they are giving us is just so rediculous... so...

寄件者: Susie
收件者: Danny Jih
副本: Ryan Lin; Vivian Lin; Louise Lin
傳送日期: 2005年4月29日 下午 04:30
主旨: Fw: 有關5月1日是否補假的事宜

紀先生, 您好!

恕我剛來公司, 及極度好奇的天性使然...
可否請問, 我們查詢與調查的 "同業" 是哪些公司行號?

因為我個人確知, 好幾個同樣是國際貿易公司的朋友, 都有補假.
(因為在公司完全沒有此訊息, 我先前從朋友那裡聽說他們放假時, 還很驚訝.)
(請參附件, 我朋友公司的公文: "Li & Fung Taiwan")

當然, 公司規定如何, 我都會全力配合.

但是我希望可以確實了解一下, 公司的政策是以哪些資料及原則為根據.

我認為, 以 PILARQUIM CORP. 這麼一個國際化, 正派經營的大公司, 做出決定時, 應該會有很確實的法律依據.
因此, 是否可以在公佈決定時, 也加以詳細說明一下呢?

我想, 如此一來, 大家都會工作得更安心. ^^

Best regards, Susie

(Well, of course, I also BCC:ed the above e-mail to several colleagues who of course shared it with the whole office, and generated many people's applause and admiration! XD)

However, as we had expected, there was absolutely no reply whatsoever from the management for the last hour of work from 4:30PM to 5:30PM.

(Basic Business Technique Lesson 1: 裝死)

At 5:30PM, 老闆娘, who just one day ago on Apr. 28, wrote a personal e-mail to me saying "
妳是個極為聰明又乖巧的女孩" and who always stops by in front of our desk and says goodbye in a friendly and pleasant manner, left the office without even taking a glance in our direction, all the while pretending to be engrosed in a mundane conversation with her assistant. (poor assistant~)

If that was all, they, the whole thing wouldn't seem so laughable...
The stupid part is, today, Monday, May, 2, 2005, when we all should have been staying at home relaxing and enjoying some good rest of our hard-earned work....
Everybody came to work, as is expected.... But, we received another announcement:
----- Original Message -----
寄件者: Ryan LIN
收件者: Everybody
傳送日期: 2005年5月2日 上午 08:50
主旨: Fw: 有關5月1日是否補假的事宜

Dear all




(Basic Business Technique Lesson 2: 耍無賴)

So, basically, after my inquiry of more solid basis of their decision and policy, they could have just ignored me, and I had thought that was what they intended to do last Friday....
However, this morning, they went and broke their own face and basically informed everybody frankly that it's the 老闆娘's decision, and, over here, whatever she says is the absolute law, it is even above our country's laws!

Well, I say... If you want us employees to provide you with "quality service," isn't it the most basic common sense to first give us "quality treatment"? If you don't even give us the required benefits required by our National Law, then, I absolutely have no qualms about dishonoring you or disregarding anything else about you.

~~~~ Do unto others as you want do unto you. ~~~~

For this kind of "double standard", extremely narrow sighted and backwork-thinking business person, it is a miracle that this company had not already gone down the drains many years ago!

Well, I've already vented long enough, even though there are still bunch of stuff I am dissatisfied with and wouldn't mind going into, but I'm sure I've already bored all of you long enough... (at least, those of you who are patient enough to have read so far...)

Lastly, short conclusion, it's long past time that I leave this company... ~"~


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