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Thursday, October 27, 2005

How Much Is My Blog Worth?

My blog is worth $1,129.08.
How much is your blog worth?

Monday, October 24, 2005


After living by oneself for years... I've come to this simple yet wise realization --

You've gotta wash your clothes at least every once in a while, otherwise, you're just gonna have to keep buying new underwear..... -.-


Sushi's 冷笑話
(sorry, can't help myself... Orz)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

笑話集 -- 詐欺篇

Since my post from yesterday was to shocking and depressing, here are some jokes to balance out the mood! hee hee...


主題: 爆笑詐騙電話


「那你…… 你可不可以和我對一下帳戶和秘碼?」
「你……請你唸一下帳戶和…… 」(火速掛掉)

「嗚哇嗚嗚嗚 .. (小孩哭聲)」
「我就是我家的小孩 =_= 」剛變聲小六生的無奈

主題: 駕照

台灣人:那我問你台灣是不是中國的一部分 ?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Path to Pigginess

This is just a record of how Sushi the Cutie went down the Path to Pigginess:

October, 15 (Sat) --
lunch: 同事喜宴 (ate a lot, finished around 3PM, NT2,xxx in 紅包 XD)
dinner: 春日 日式料理 (ate 砂鍋魚頭火鍋+握壽司+魚肝salad, Christine's treat, NT1,800 for 5 XD)

October, 16 (Sun) --
lunch: Gintako ( ate 章魚丸 x 8 + 抹茶 x 1杯 ave. NT150)
dinner: 廣東粥 (ate 香菇瘦肉粥 x 1, NT50)

October, 17 (Mon) --
breakfast: 日式菠蘿麵包 x 1
lunch: 排骨麵
dinner: 一番亭 (ate 豚骨白湯拉麵 w/ 半熟蛋, NT150 ) + 東區粉圓 (ate 剉冰 w/ 粉圓, 芋圓, 地瓜圓, 芋頭, NT45)

October 18, (Tue) --
breakfast: 溫州街口蘿蔔絲餅 (ate 蘿蔔絲餅 x 1 + 蔥油餅 x 1, NT 35)
lunch: 壽司便當 + 7-11 關東煮湯
dinner: 柚子一顆

October 19, (Wed) --
breakfast: 大蒜麵包一條 + Starbucks Grande Latte
lunch: 便當 -- 泰式加哩雞飯
dinner: 麻辣鴨血 + 鴉片粉圓 (to be eaten XP~ *drooling*)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

MSN DiaLOG 051013

This morning, upon logging on to Meebo, I see Christine's new nickname -- "just the right weather for sleeping." So.. this conversation took place...

[09:43] QT Sushi:
I totally agree... ~..~
[09:44] ~*: YoYo.*~.*just the right weather for sleeping*.~: haha
[09:44] QT Sushi: I actually went to sleep at 4am this morning.. ~..~
[09:45] QT Sushi: So my mind is full of bed now.... blankets, pillow, ... dreams... ~..~
[09:45] ~*: YoYo.*~.*just the right weather for sleeping*.~: what happened?
[09:46] QT Sushi: nothing... I was just kinda blanking out trying to organize all my CD's... = ="
[09:52] ~*: YoYo.*~.*just the right weather for sleeping*.~: uh....
[09:53] QT Sushi: serioulsy..
[09:53] QT Sushi: I bought 150 more empty CD's on Monday, and a bunch of plastic organizing cases...
[09:54] QT Sushi: and my HD has been almost completely full for days (only 2-4% left on 120Gb XD) so I was going to do some serious burning last night.. like I told you.
[09:55] QT Sushi: But because of the new plastic cases, I was trying to think of a good system to organize all those CD's.. plus I have a bunch of old ones that I have burned over these couple of years...
[09:56] QT Sushi: In the end, I think I have a kind of good organization, after spending most of the night taking out and putting in CD's from and into pockets... @@"
[10:02] QT Sushi: But, after the organization, I kind of didn't know where to start (which files to start burning off my HD). I also spent a lot of time backing-up the files that I want to keep more.. (so I now have 2 copies of many of the files I don't want to lose.. XD)
[10:06] QT Sushi: and then afterwards, I was kind of blanking out, staring at my computer screen not knowing what to burn next... and it wasn't until 4am that I went to bed... XD

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Rambling 051011

Here are what I did over the past week and weekend...

1. Finished 山田孝之's Doramas "Water Boys I" and "Fire Boys"

They were both pretty good and both touched me (meaning: brought tears to my eyes) in various points of the story.
"Water Boys" is about 5 very different high school boys in their senior year determined to perform Synchronized Swimming -- a stereotypically female team sport -- during their school's 學園祭. It was of course inspired by the movie version starring 妻夫木聰, and the story line is roughly similar where they face a lot of difficulties and, by overcoming each one, become more and more skilled, determined, confident, and close to each other. It is basically an inspirational story. Although the storyline is somewhat cliche, still, it is done pretty well, and the final preformance just makes you so excited about the youth and energy they show. You can read more of my thoughts here and go to the Taiwan TV station (緯來日本) official info page here.
"Fire Boys" is the story of a young firefighter, I hear that it is also adapted from a Manga. Almost the complete opposite from his role in Water Boys, 山田孝之's main role is a completely 熱血, totally 做事不經頭腦、一切憑本能、凡事相信只要拼命去做一定可以成功 type of young guy who was once rescued by a heroic firefighter and determined to become one himself. It is interesting in that it shows a lot of the hardships firefighters face in their work and personal lives. The fire scenes are done very realistically, which again impressed me on how delicated the Japanese people are to perfecting their products.
I like Water Boys more than Fire Boys because it is an overall happier, mood-lifting, story. There are a lot of funny parts, and, alas, nothing much can beat watching a bunch of young guys dancing to cheerful music in only swimming trunks! LOL~ (Both theme songs are great listens, too! XD)

2. Taichung Visit
Went back home this past weekend, stayed in Taichung both nights.
I found out last week that Justine is currently in Taiwan, so arranged to hang out with her on Saturday. We had some food in the afternoon, then went shopping for underwear (big sale!) at 中友百貨, got some pretty inexpensive brand-name stuff. Looking forward to her visit to Taipei next time to have more good food... ^_<
On Sunday, I went to 彰化 by train with a junior high school friend, 淑瓊, to visit 筱苓 (Sonia). The three of us were best friends in Junior high school and have kept in touch throughout all these 16 years. (Yes, it is still shocking and depressing to realize that we are all so old already... -.-) Sonia is in her 4th month of pregnancy, her tummy is starting to show a little, she is fortunately over the 害喜 period, and has just completed an examination that informed us that the baby is a girl! (I have already suggested we let her daughter and my nephew Jason 指腹為婚, mwah~) We had 彰化肉圓 for lunch, and Sonia's hubby, also my high school classmate for one semester, drove us to 八卦山 for some walking and sight-seeing, cheerfully chatting away all the time. Then we went to a cafe for some afternoon tea before my dad picked me up to go home.
It was, overall, a weekend of catching-up with old friends... I am very happy and grateful that even after such long periods of time, we all kept in touch and are all able to chat and talk about various topics and understand each other well. I am certain this kind of friends are the kind that you are able to maintain for a lifetime! ^________^

3. 國慶日 Movie and Dinner with Cindy and Laifu
Cindy, Laifu, Christine and I went to see the new Japanese big budget Ninja movie "Shinobi" (Shinobi Yahoo info page) on Monday, one of the rare National Holidays, 雙十國慶, that we actually had a day off this year because it is not on a weekend. The movie is pretty good, although we all feel that there wasn't enough time to focus on each of the unique and interesting Ninja special characters. However, it is a movie aftar all, and can't afford to spend too much time on secondary characters... (For the complete story, you can check out the manga or the animated series, or even read the original novel for yourself, lor! XD) To me, it feels like a generally well done movie. The special effects are nice, and fight scenes pretty impressive. Mostly, the settings and nature scenes are a very beautiful, and, of course, there are the handsome 小田切讓 and 仲間由紀惠 to look at... hee hee... If you have the chance, check it out, lor~
Another memorable thing we saw was the preview of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" which will be in theatres on Nov. 18. From the preview, it seems really good! Although I prefer the kids to stay young (much cuter that way.... >3<), but, they are growing up as human nature and the story line intended. Compared to the three previous volumes, GoF is significant in its large scale especially because of the Tri-Wizard competition -- lots of creatures lots of big, exciting adventure scenes. At least from the preview, it seems that the special effects are living up to the hype, so I am extremely looking forward to watching it! XD
Afterwards, we had dinner at Bellini Pasta, a really good Japanese style Italian Pasta (yeah, I know, it doesn't make much sense to me either... XD) chain restaurant. We had some good conversation to go with the good food, and went home satisfied (after some more underwear-shopping... ha ha... 'tis the season for underwear sales! XD). Although it is the first time I met Laifu, he turned out to be an extremely friendly and easy-going person! Nice to meet you, Laifu! ^^~

Well, wasn't that an extremely long rambling? *whew~* XD

As always, leave me comments of your thoughts or just to say "hi", lah! >\\\\\<

Monday, October 03, 2005

H2 - When 2 Beloved Genres Combine! - 山田孝之 + 安達充

好吧,我承認,我很墮落.... 囧rz
沒辦法,我是花癡,不得不承認這個事實 -- 我又陷下去了... 一.一

不過,怎麼說呢,並不是像對偶像一樣 瘋狂的、癡迷的愛戀,也並不全然是像我常有的,對現實中不存在的假想人物 (小說、漫畫、或銀幕上) 的極度喜愛.... 這次,可以說是兩個加在一起吧! XD

為什麼呢? 因為少了兩者之間的其中一個,我肯定不會這樣為之瘋狂的!

前面有說過,我又再次燃起了對日劇的興趣,而這個契機,就是因為看了由我很愛的漫畫,安達充大師的 "H2" 改編成的同名日劇 (2005 春季在日本播出,台灣還沒播)。

本來就很喜歡這部漫畫了,但是其實是有點又愛又怕的感覺... 因為 安達充 那種無限影射、窮極曖昧的描述手法,讓看他的漫畫的讀者,一直徘徊在喜悅 (高興 比呂 跟 春華 之間有了進展) 及憂慮 (發現比呂還是很喜歡雅玲,雅玲也不明確表示選擇誰) 之間.... 就算到了最後結局,他還是不願意乾脆明白地畫出所謂的 "快樂大結局" 的畫面.... 這樣乍看之下好像很彆扭,很討厭,但是,卻更是因為這種牽動讀者心思的能力、技術、巧思,讓安達充的作品獨樹一格,更顯得符合現實、耐人尋味 (世界上大多情感的東西,本來就是糾纏牽絆,要細細體會,很難明確說明的)... 也就是因為這樣,他的作品值得一看再看、細細品味,並且每次複習,都會從中有新的體會! 他畫風的流暢、令人惠心一笑的低調幽默,更是已經進入爐火純青的境界!

表現安達充這種勾人心弦的能力的經典之ㄧ,就是 H2 (台灣大然版先前翻作 "好球雙物語",現在大然倒了,正由青文重新出版,翻作 "H2 - 和你在一起的日子")。 先前無意間發現這部我最愛的漫畫之ㄧ竟然被拍成真人版日劇了,而且就在今年在日本播出的! 這其間的過程,我在 ~ 娃娃遊戲日誌 ~ 中已經講過... 因為看了 H2 的日劇,娃再次接觸到新一代的日本年輕演員們,也要講到本篇的另一個重點: 山田孝之

之前完全沒有在注意日劇方面的消息,對於這個新生代演員完全沒有印象... 第一次看到他是在前一陣子上映的電影版 "電車男", 也並沒有特別吸引我,只是覺得他還蠻可愛的,故事很 sweet 而已... 但是看了他演的 H2 男主角 國見比呂 之後,真的覺得更喜歡安達充筆下的這個角色跟這個故事! 當然,我喜歡的是整個故事跟裡面的每個角色,但是,主要是對 山田孝之 這個年輕演員感到興趣,於是,開始找尋他的其他作品... 因為這樣,才知道,他是在去年度最熱門的日劇 "在世界的心中呼喊愛情" 中紅起來的,在裡面的演出不知道賺了多少男女老少的熱淚,大大增加了面紙公司的營業額。 雖然他在這片之前已經演出兩部日劇的主角 ("水男孩" 和 "烈火男孩" 剛好是 Water Boys 跟 Fire Boys... 哈哈...),但是是在 "喊愛" 一劇中真正開始發光發熱的! 而我,卻是在他的下一步日劇 "H2 - 和你在一起的日子" 中才注意到他... XD

雖然我還沒有真正開始看這些他主演的其他日劇本身 (因為現在還沉浸在 H2 的世界中不想出來 XD),但是光是先偷看了一些片段、花絮,就已經很清楚地看的出來,這個男生,是個很認真,很會演戲的紮實派! 當然,他長得蠻可愛的,有些神情跟年輕一點的 堂本剛 很像 (知道我的人,就知道我很喜歡演 "金田一少年事件簿" 時的 堂本剛)。 但是,在最近兩年日劇市場的開始興起的青春熱潮之中,能夠超越其他可愛、美型的年輕男星 嶄露頭角,在看了他在不同角色中的表現之後,就會知道,是因為他真的有實力! 光是看他所扮演的角色有多麼的多樣化,而每一個都演得讓人信服,就知道他的功力了。

所以,在這裡推薦給大家,希望大家有機會看到,或是有看過上面說的 安達充 或 山田孝之 作品的,留個言分享你的想法吧! XD

P.S. For more rambling, click on the title of the post to go to my other diary. >3<
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