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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Current Favorite Show: Utawara!! XD

Well, it's been a while since I last shared about my JinJin and adorable KAT-TUN boys here, neh~ There are so much stuff to watch everyday, I really wish I can share everything with you all, neh!! But because the big files are so hard to transfer, I'll have to stick with Youtube, lor....

The TV show called "UTAWARA" (歌笑) has become my favorite TV show!! This is of course becaue my beloved KAT-TUN kids have regular parts in it!! But, I am loving this show more and more because they have started some really, really great special features for KAT-TUN lately!!

These KT features are so interesting and so funny, people who already liked KT before will definitely fall in love with them! And even people who have no idea who KT is before will also enjoy these so much that they remember the adorkable kids after watching these!!!!!! XD  (Oops! Did I just unknowingly reveal my secret agenda here? O_Ob)

If you have problem watching these Youtube online streams, you will have to settle for some screen captures at my ~ 娃娃遊戲日誌 ~ and an online friend, Junya's blog, neh.... but I really feel bad if you aren't able to enjoy the clips, because watching them seriously do cheer people up, oh! XD

So, minna-san~ Follow me to the wonderful world of no-word-can-describe-super-duper-sekushi-cute-baka-JinJin!! 
Here we go!!! Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha~~~~~

 ◎ 060416 KAT-TUN v.s. Big Doggy Psych Test ◎
This is the first of the new features, a sort of psych test where the members are locked into a room one by one, then, something (this time, it was a HUGE black dog) is put into the room with them, then they are given instructions to complete a task with it in a limited time. Then a psychologist will analyze their personalities based on their reactions in the room. Every one of their reactions was so funny and interestingly different!! But of course my JinJin is the CUTEST of them all!!!! XD Check it out, neh!!

If you are interested in understanding what they say, you are welcome to download the English subtitled version from the "Baka no Sekai" Clubbox at http://down.clubbox.co.kr/johnnyjr/ssyf7. 

(Go here for instructions on how to use Clubbox.)

 → Youtube Online Stream:

 ◎ 060514 KAT-TUN v.s. 昭和美人 ◎
This next show features another new program for KAT-TUN. This feature is more like a talk show segment where they chat and answer questions from older lady guests who were born in the Japanese 昭和 era. The mentality is that because women at this age range is one of the biggest influential powers of the society nowadays, KAT-TUN needs to understand them more in order to survive. Please go to my ~ 娃娃遊戲日誌 ~ for screen captures and more explanations about the contents. ^^~

You are welcome to download the full version (no subs yet) with Clubbox here:
 → Part 1: http://down.clubbox.co.kr/johnnyjr/cu9l7
 → Part 2: http://down.clubbox.co.kr/johnnyjr/du9l7

 → Youtube Online Stream - Part 1:

 → Youtube Online Stream - Part 2:

 ◎ 060521 KAT-TUN 60Min. Challange - Volleyball ◎
This third and most recent new feature from Utawara is called "KAT-TUN 60Min. Challenge" where the six of them are challanged to complete a difficult task within 60 minutes. If they don't succeed, they will get severely punished. This time, the challenge was volleyball, in which they have to catch the ball from 3-time Japanese National Team ace player, pass the ball around to each member, then hit the ball back to the opposite court. Each time they lose the ball or hit the ball across the net before all 6 members had touched the ball, they will be punished by all drinking 200 c.c. of a smelly, disgusting green veggie juice. If they succeed in passing the ball around, then hitting the ball to the other side, the opponent can still catch it and give it back to them to start over again. The challenge is only won if, within 60 minutes, they can hit the ball to the other side where the National Team players couldn't catch it. (The punishment this time is for them to dress in very embarrassing Cosplay costumes and go home by taking the metro! XD) This one is EXTREMELY HILARIOUS!!! You will laugh your heart out even if you don't understand what they are saying at all!! You've gotta watch it, lah!! >______<~

 → Really great series of screen captures by fellow Jin fan, Junya.

 → Clubbox Download: http://down.clubbox.co.kr/johnnyjr/6oao7

 → Youtube Online Stream - Part 1:

 → Youtube Online Stream - Part 2:

That's all for this time. There are actually tons more of really hilarious classic KAT-TUN Utawara appearances and live performances (such as the Bed-time Skit I shared before! XD), but I will share them next time, lor! XD

Of course, if you are interested, click on the title of this post to go to a Youtube search results page with all the KAT-TUN Utawara clips! XD

Monday, May 01, 2006


話說,五一勞動節,在法律上屬於 "勞工" 階層,卻還要上班的公司,可能沒多少...
不幸地,我公司就是其中一個... 一.一+ (既沒加班費也不補假)

所以,雖然來到辦公室了,但是,因為上海辦公室都關了 (放一整週!),
國外客戶因為時差關係還在星期天、再加上他們 五一 也放假,所以上網晃了整天...

但是我今天真的是完全抱著: "我是來這裡跟同事聊天、吹冷氣的!" 這樣的心態!


1. 雖然是月初,連銀行都沒開,所以也甭想因為我們有來上班而領得到薪水!

2. 要送文件、請快遞來跑,快遞要算加班,價碼加倍! (==> 我們連快遞打工都不如!)

3. 中午訂便當,還不是每一家都有開,大半都在放假! (==> 說不定外送還要加錢)

4. 因為公司最近外銷的貨物積累拖延過多,所以星期六臨時決定讓工人這星期加班動工,
 (==> 台北員工沒有加班費,沒來還要被扣薪水,所以連最低階的工人也不如!)

5. 今天一整天,到現在將近三點半,連一通外來的電話都沒有!
  (==> 今天詐騙集團也放假)

6. 早上出門,因為等了一陣子沒看到公車,因為怕五月的第一天就遲到被扣全勤獎,
 所以做了計程車! 結果到辦公室還比平常早 (因為路上完全沒塞),沒加班費還多花錢!

7. 老闆娘上星期五請大家吃甜點,要先讓大家嚐嚐甜頭,做做表面工夫
 (==> 我還沒有到吃你一點糖就會喜孜孜對你巴結奉承,不過點心當然不吃白不吃!)

 打完這篇,也差不多快 4PM 了,剩一個半小時左右就可以走人了,倒數記時ing!


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