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Ramblings of the Forever-12-Year-Old

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

KanSai Trip Pictures Progress Report -- "Turtle Hair"

To quench your thirst a little bit, here is a short report on the current progress of my "KanSai Trip Pictures Sharing."

Well, most people who know me, know that, in some aspects, I'm a "turtle-hair" kind of person... (while in many other aspects, I'm the most easy-going person! >3<) I have to admit that things related to documents and reports is one of my "turtle-hair" areas.... OTZ

The thing is, many times, I'm so meticulous in getting every little detail right, that I make the task a hassle to myself, and, as a result, make myself reluctant to do the task all together... @.@|||

So, I finally uploaded the pictures of my KanSai (關西) trip onto my over-stuffed computer last Thursday night because I needed to burn them onto CD's to give to my sister and my mom when I go back to TaiChung last weekend... Then, the night before last night, I finally decided to organize them...
I realized that being the 照相狂 I am, especially armed with a total of 640Mb of Compact Flash Memory (32 + 128 + 512), I took much more pictures than our last family trip to Tokyo... It came to a total of 38xMb for 38xphotos!! XD

It may be a wonder to some of you guys, but after one whole night of working on it, I just finished arranging the photos in My Pictures folder (re-saving all the vertical pix) and went half way through re-naming each of the files with the unified format of "Dx-xxx XXXXX.JPG" "x" being number variables indicating Day 1 to Day 5 and the numbers from 001, 002 and on of pictures taken in chronological order on that specific day; "XXXXX" being the location of the individual picture in Chinese. Unfortunately, I made some mistakes in the numbers and had to go back and re-name all the files to correct them twice.... That's why it took me the whole night to only finish up to the end of Day 2, about 200 out of the 38xphotos.... OTZ

Of course, I also watched TV while working... (I'm currently into the US Series "The Apprentice" Season 1, and the Korean Drama "我叫金三順") And, I am also pre-occupied with this other project that I've been secretly working on which is now approaching crunch time.

So... All I can say is, I'll try to work on it more, hopefully finish re-naming the files and upload them somewhere on line just to share first.... I probably won't have time to put in the descriptions and comments on the pix right away, but I will try to do that soon as I think that's the most important part of the sharing... @.@|||

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Montrose Crossing Shopping Center

Haven't updated for almost a month now... @.@|||
Nothing much going on except the same continued path to pigginess and boring / cold joke, thoughts, and ramblings (only I didn't type them out, and kept them in my head for a month... ha ha~)...

This is also a short entry. I was chatting with an online friend about the bookstores I went to in Osaka last week (sneak preview: Japan trip -- Kyoto, Kobe, Osaka -- pictures and sharing coming soon, format and contents still not sure yet... XD), and comparing the ones in Taiwan and in the US. With this discussion, I became more and more nostalgic about the Barnes & Noble in Montrose Crossing Shopping Center that I used to go to during most of my free time.... (finished reading the complete Harry Potter series Vol. 1-4 in there! XD)

I wanted to show my friend what the US bookstores look like, so I was trying to search for a picture on the net, and came across this page. It is the page of a company colled "Rodgers Consulting" -- seems like a construction, design consulting company, and the Montrose Crossing Shopping Center was one of its projects. The main point is, that at the end of that page, there is a link to a 360 degree panoramic view of the Shopping Center (also linked at the title of this post)! O_O

What's even cooler, is that when you click on it, after loading for a short time, the rotating picture of the big piece of parking lot will come out and start to continuously rotate in 360 degrees. Even more, after you click on the picture, it will stop at that view, and you can use the little buttons on the bottom to zoom in and out and move the picture left, right, up, and down! You can see the Barnes & Noble and Starbucks far away, and Mikasa, and also a very close up look at Tara Thai! Man! That was way cool, and also way nostalgic!!!

It may sound kind of cold toward people, but this is truly one of the places that I miss most about the years and life in Silver Spring, MD. = =a


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