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Ramblings of the Forever-12-Year-Old

Tuesday, November 30, 2004


面與 小威威 狂歡,並花光了他的全部薪水。

周日晚上他終於回到家裏後,火冒三丈的 唐妮妮 正等著他,


徐文文 回答?:「我倒感覺挺好的。」

周一過去了,他沒看見妻子 妮妮




Thursday, November 18, 2004

Someone was Watching Me! @@"

OK!! Since you guys have found out the answer to my puzzle..... (It's so easy, isn't it? ha ha..) Let me go on to the second part of this topic:

I heard about this website from my Guatemalen (sounds like "watermelon", don't ou think? XD) colleague. And, immediately, I searched for my home in Maryland! (Duh!) And, this is the picture I got!! (Again, just click on the title of this post to link to the page!)

Well, so, it's really cool to see your house so clearly from a satellite picture, right? I'm sure Annie felt the same way, so do you guys who have tried to do searches of your own addresses on that page when I linked there the first time! ^^ Well, there's more!

What's more? Ok, look closely at the page of me, Mark, and David's townhouse again.... You will notice that the date this picture was shot was on April 10, 2002..... Which was, during the time period we were actually living there!! (Because for the picture of the Hsu's house, they haven't moved there, yet... ^^") Okay, that's cool, right? Hold on..... There's more!! XD

What's more?? Well, take another very close look at the picture itself...... And, you will see a silver car parked in the third parking space in front of the row of townhouses that was my home..... And, if you are familiar with our place..... you would know that, our parking space was the fourth parking space from the line! The third space is a public space where everybody can park! So, what's so special about it? @@ That silver car in the picture in front of our townhouse, is Mark's fourth-hand '92 Toyota Camry!!! Ha ha ha.... How do I know this? Because, the picture was clearly taken on a weekday where most of the cars were gone! And all our neighbor's cars are usually gone during the day as well! Whose car would be parked there? Of course, Mark's!! Who else would be home (probably still sleeping! XD) at that time?

Well.... ok... I know... I'm going on and on, lah.... But, you know... It's just so touching to see that picture there... kinda like proof that we have actually been there, you know? ^^~ Plus, Mark's car! ha ha... just makes me laugh out loud..... XD

Well, anyways, let me know if you find something interesting when you search for places you've lived in, neh~~ (Maybe we can look for Annie's old places to see if there are small white dots on the lawn! XD)

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Someone's Watching You~~~ @@"

First of all... go to the link on the title.....
Hopefully, some of you will recognize the picture.....
Prize goes to the person who first post a comment as to what the picture is.....
Then... we can all share the creepy experience together..... @@"

Well, anyways, comments first, lah.... then I will update you guys on my own reactions at first seeing this.... XD

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Caffeine Withdrawal.. ~.~

Well, so, I like Starbucks! And I love Toffee Nut Latte and Caramel Machiatto's!! YUMMM~~~

But these couple of days, I've been feeling fatiqued and sore-eyed in the mornings, even when I have had my usual amount of sleep...

So... My conclusion is: I am having Caffeine Withdrawal.
(You can click on the title of this post to link to an interesting recent study on Caffeine Withdrawal. ^^)

Well, it's not like I "can't function normally" without a big cup of coffee in the morning... But, it's more like... I feel tired and lazy, not want to do anything other than close my eyes and take a nap in the mornings... These feelings usually go away in the afternoon, and I usually feel the most energetic in the evenings to late at night... ha ha...

So... I don't know... maybe you'll say: Sushi, you are addicted!! Go and enroll yourself into Operation Dawn immediately!! >"<
(Don't know what Operation Dawn is? Go here:

Well, I guess there's no need to panic yet, lah... (thinking of a certain Mr. M we all know who have been having too much second-hand drugs for more than half a year... XD I think if we are talking about sending people to OD, he would need to go first, lah!! ha ha..) Plus, if you read the article about "Caffeine Withdrawal identified as a Mental Disorder" (Just click on the title of this post to go to that article. I know most people won't read the whole article, but, you know.. just want to put something more educational and meaningful on here except only my rambling and ravings... XP)... It says that it's not as serious as drug addictions... (or are they just 安慰自己ing? Because for sure all these psychiatrists and psychologists drink lots and lots of coffee in order to complete these big project and write these long journal articles, right? heh heh....)

Well, anyways... my conclusion:
Maybe it's time for me to start reducing my amount of Caffeine intake, huh?
Ok, then... I guess I'll do it!!!!

........ right after I finish this Grande Toffee Nut Latte! XD


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