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Friday, March 31, 2006

赤西 仁 AKANISHI JIN!!! >w<

So.... If you've paid attention to my MSN nicknames for the last two weeks, or have went to visit my  ~ 娃娃遊戲日誌 ~  you might have noticed that I've been going crazy about this guy....  |||Orz 

To read more about these from me, instead of repeating myself, just click on the link to go to my other diary page, lor...  If you go, please scroll to the bottom of the page to read my posts chronologically, neh... ^^" Please leave me messages, oh... m(_ _)m

I am just going to share this with you:
(This is the first time I'm trying to link a clip / on-line video player here... so please let me know if it doesn't show properly, neh...
Because the clip is relatively long, you might want to click on "PAUSE" first, let it finish loading, then click on "PLAY" to watch the whole stream! ^_______^~)

◎ KAT-TUN 出道單曲 "Real Face" PV  - DVD 的個人版本 (仁 Ver.) 

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Congrats, Mrs. Huang, It's a Girl! XD

Originally uploaded by Chunkai's Photo.

Some of you may remember from my post last July that my best friend since junior high school, Sonia (張筱苓), was pregnant.

On Mar. 13 (Mon), 2006, at 00:26am, she gave birth to a cute baby girl!!

She had some difficulties during labor, and they were really worried for a while, but Thank GOD, both mother and baby are alright now. They were busy taking care of the baby because of the complications, that's why I didn't hear about the baby having been born until last weekend.

Sonia's hubby (黃俊凱) called me last night to give me the link to these pictures he posted on his flickr photos page, and I've taken the liberty to share them here. ^^" (hope they don't mind... @.@") I'm sure they would love to see messages / comments from you on their pictures, oh... XD

The baby hasn't been named yet, for now, she is called "mei-mei (妹妹)" (as all first girls are, ha ha...). Once her Chinese name is decided, I will have the honor of helping to think of a good English name for her! ^^~

I'll keep you all posted!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Time to Abandon Ship?

Well, here's another work scenario for you guys to think about and give me suggestions:

What should you do when your company is facing a big difficulty?

Consider this: Your company has grown to its current considerable size with the sales of one product to one very big customer over the years. For years now, this customer has been dissatisfied with buying exclusively from you, and will look for any way possible to kick you out of the deal. Now is their chance: They found out some serious problem with the product that will give them legitimate reason for claiming a large refund (think approx. the equivalent of 5% of this customer's annual sales amount), and possibly stop buying from you.

The sales amount of this one customer is about 1/3 of the total annual sales income of your company. And your company is making a net profit of about 5-10% of the total sales amount.

What would you do?

1. Bang your head against the wall and consider yourself unlucky.

2. Do everything in your abilities to solve the problem, even though this problem is too big and too complicated for you or anyone else to solve.

3. Beg the customer to have mercy on you because you have young kids and old grandparents to take care of (even though they might not give a XXXX).

4. Let others do the work and just try to avoid any blame.

5. Get depressed, thinking you can do nothing right, anything that is within your reach will be affected by your extreme disfortune.

6. Finally, it's time to abandon ship. It's not your company, it's not your bad decision, it's not your problem, but in order not to be affected by this terrible situation, it's best to get far, far away as fast as your big fat butt can carry you!

7. Other suggestions............ ?

What do you think? Give me some brainstorming here!! O_O|||

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

絕妙好辭 & 至理名言

Even though the last post was kind of depressing, the below sharing should bring a smile to your day, lor~ *^.^*


◎ 絕妙好辭





還是情人時,往往「客氣」多;結為夫妻後,變成「 火氣」多。

愛情的開始,是希望給「 對方」一個未來;


婚後的男人,只圖「耳根清淨」; 婚後的女人,只圖「不見為淨」。


愛情像口香糖,很容易; 婚姻像麥芽糖,很困難。



談戀愛,最好是「有心人」;談結婚 ,最好是「有錢人」。


景氣好 時,多數人選擇「投資」;景氣差時,多數人選擇「投胎」。




小人有「不義之財」; 窮人有「不易之財」。

◎ 不只是幽默,有些也是至理名言....

夫:若是我父親沒留下一大筆財產給我, 你會嫁給我嗎 ?
妻: 不管是誰留給你一大筆財產, 我都會嫁給你的。

(2) 訓狗
她的小狗趁她不注意, 用舌頭逐個舔著貨架上的蘋果。

店主很不高興, 但還是禮貌地請這位太太注意她的狗。

她立即嚴厲地對小狗喊道, 不準再舔! 這些蘋果還未洗過, 髒髒!

(3) 左右為難
我該怎麼辦 ? 一位想結婚的年青人對他的朋友說, 每個我帶回家的女友,

這個我有好辦法, 他的朋友建議, 你祇要找一個各方面像你母親的就可以。

我試過了, 這可憐人說道, 但是我父親又不喜歡。

(4) 一眼看中
女子對媒人說:你騙人! 他有隻眼睛是盲的, 你以前為甚麼不告訴我 ?
怎麼沒告訴你? 媒人道, 你們第一次見面後, 我便說:他一眼就看中你。

(5) 世界通則
子: 我聽說非洲有些國家的男人, 如今還要到結婚以後才認識他太太,
是真的嗎 ?

父: 不單是非洲, 是全世界。

(6) 站哪邊
朋友向我訴說她丈夫的錯處, 越說越氣忿, 突然轉頭問她的小兒子:
如果爸爸媽媽吵架, 你要站在哪一邊 ?

孩子想了一下, 堅定地說: 站旁邊 !

(7) 安眠藥
顏容憔悴的病人對醫生說: 我家窗外的野狗整夜吠個不休, 我簡直要瘋了 !

醫生給他開了安眠藥。 一星期後, 病人又來了, 看上去樣子比上次更疲憊。

醫生問:安眠藥無效嗎 ?
病人無精打采道:我每晚去追那些狗, 可是即使好不容易捉到一隻,

(8) 最賺錢的寫作
A: 哪一種寫作最賺錢 ?
B :勒索信。

(9) 遲到
喬治有遲到的習慣, 老闆甚為不悅。

於是他去醫生處取回一些藥片吃了, 爬上床便睡, 沒到鬧鐘響就醒了,
他高高興興地起床, 洗過臉, 吃過早餐, 從從容容去上班,

見了老闆就說: 早上好 ! 今天我沒有遲到 !
很好, 老闆說, 但是你昨天為甚麼沒來 ?

(10) 十全八美
甲: 這世上沒有人是十全十美的, 你在我眼中已是十全八美。
乙: 嗯, 不錯。 但我到底少了哪兩種美 ?

甲: 內在美和外在美。

(11) 打架原因
有個女孩從學校舞會回家, 她母親問她玩得如何。
還好, 女孩說, 祇是兩個男孩子為我打了一架。

其母正暗喜女兒受人歡迎, 又聽女孩說:
他們都不願意跟我跳舞, 互相推對方過來 。


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