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Thursday, October 13, 2005

MSN DiaLOG 051013

This morning, upon logging on to Meebo, I see Christine's new nickname -- "just the right weather for sleeping." So.. this conversation took place...

[09:43] QT Sushi:
I totally agree... ~..~
[09:44] ~*: YoYo.*~.*just the right weather for sleeping*.~: haha
[09:44] QT Sushi: I actually went to sleep at 4am this morning.. ~..~
[09:45] QT Sushi: So my mind is full of bed now.... blankets, pillow, ... dreams... ~..~
[09:45] ~*: YoYo.*~.*just the right weather for sleeping*.~: what happened?
[09:46] QT Sushi: nothing... I was just kinda blanking out trying to organize all my CD's... = ="
[09:52] ~*: YoYo.*~.*just the right weather for sleeping*.~: uh....
[09:53] QT Sushi: serioulsy..
[09:53] QT Sushi: I bought 150 more empty CD's on Monday, and a bunch of plastic organizing cases...
[09:54] QT Sushi: and my HD has been almost completely full for days (only 2-4% left on 120Gb XD) so I was going to do some serious burning last night.. like I told you.
[09:55] QT Sushi: But because of the new plastic cases, I was trying to think of a good system to organize all those CD's.. plus I have a bunch of old ones that I have burned over these couple of years...
[09:56] QT Sushi: In the end, I think I have a kind of good organization, after spending most of the night taking out and putting in CD's from and into pockets... @@"
[10:02] QT Sushi: But, after the organization, I kind of didn't know where to start (which files to start burning off my HD). I also spent a lot of time backing-up the files that I want to keep more.. (so I now have 2 copies of many of the files I don't want to lose.. XD)
[10:06] QT Sushi: and then afterwards, I was kind of blanking out, staring at my computer screen not knowing what to burn next... and it wasn't until 4am that I went to bed... XD


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