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Ramblings of the Forever-12-Year-Old

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

35 days.... OTZ

35 days of not having a computer at home....
I seriously think that it is a miracle that I haven't been institutionalized less than 3 weeks into the ordeal... But, by God's blessings, I am still alive and well, so I am very grateful. Orz

In fact, the motherboard replacement was sent to my co-worker's BF's computer company last Tuesday, so I should have been able to get it back within last week... However, there was a Typhoon last Wednesday and Thursday, then, very sadly, the BF's father passed away, so he was overwhelmed with all the different things since then... @.@||| Therefore, after all these, they were finally able to bring my computer back last night... I feel bad for them that I had to add to their worries, but there was really no way I could have helped to relieve them of the trouble... ~"~

So, anyways, that's the temporary good news. I am still playing with the machine to check if everything is working fine. Hopefully, it has been fixed and fine-tuned so that I won't have another problem in a long time.... Orz


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