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Ramblings of the Forever-12-Year-Old

Friday, August 19, 2005

Anniversary Rambling~~~ XD

Well, I still haven't started working on my article on the HuaLien Trip...
My computer is still not fixed... They found out that the ASUS Motherboard had some problem and was the reason of my computer going crazy... Since it is still within the 1-year warranty period, it was sent to ASUS for repair or replacement. Hopefully they will get it back soon and everything can be normal again... We'll have to wait and see... -.-

As for the past two weeks of my life without a computer at home... has been filled with TV and manga... mostly TV, lah... I still remember a time before my computer was broken when I almost never watch TV except the weather report every morning before leaving for work... Now, all my time at home after work is filled with hours after hours of channel-switching.... very pathetic, huh? Orz Just goes to show how important my computer is to me, its presence changes my whole lifestyle, even though the difference is only in the various ways to 混時間.... *sigh*

Well, that update on what I've been doing recently done, this post is mainly to recognize the 1-year Anniversary of this Blog! I realized a while ago that the anniversary is approaching. The first post was posted on Aug. 11, 2004, so now, it is officially one-year-old! Congratulations to myself for keeping this up for so long.... Mwah~

Time does pass by really fast, though..... It didn't seem like that when we are 混日子ing, but whenever you look back, you are in danger of being truamatized at seeing the amount of time that had already passed and will never come back.... >口< *sigh* don't get me started..... ~"~


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