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Ramblings of the Forever-12-Year-Old

Monday, February 14, 2005

======= FEAR THE TURTLE =======

What else can I say? I'm speechless!!
Who would have thunk?!
We Maryland Terps beat the Dukies again, and it's getting to be like a habit now! ha ha~~~
Well, it just shows that we do have the talents and the skills to seriously compete with the biggies!
We just need to shake off the doubts and be as determined to win every game as we have won both games against Duke this season!!

Lastly, let me shout at the top of my longues (of course, imagining it, really, since I'm in the office and have to maintain my ladylike image! XD):

WE SWEPT DUKE!!!!!!!!!!! TAKE THAT!!!!!! HA HA~~~


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