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Ramblings of the Forever-12-Year-Old

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The All-Men-are-Pigs Theory

So, I changed my MSN nickname to:
"本週日 [中午 11:30AM] 公館華神麻辣火鍋, 請大家告訴大家! RSVP, PLEASE! (死Mark, 你給偶記志! >"<) -- [娃]"

And here's my conversation with Annie.... 一.一

Annie 說: why r you mad at Mark?
[娃] 說: because you contacted me and him to coordinate the meeting, and he's not doing anything!! = =+
[娃] 說: He's just like... "oh... so... we'll just get everybody out to eat a dinner or something....."
Annie 說: c c... that's very Mark

Annit 說: just remember, you're his cous, not gf
[娃] 說: = = that just makes me madder! Because that just shows that all men are pigs, and they have double standards to treating girls!
Annie 說: c c.... you just found out?
[娃] 說: urgh..... no... but I try to forget about it each time I realized it... = =+
Annie 說: typical woman
[娃] 說: man.... = =+


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